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9 Mar 2018

Eri's Top 10 Summer Makeup Picks!

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Hi everyone!

As summer draws to an end, I'd like to share some of my favourite products that took me all throughout Christmas & heatwave season in a glorious haze of peach and rose!

1. Tarte Blush Bazaar
This amazing blush palette features 10 shades, all in large (or what I consider pretty large) size! There are 7 blushes and 2 highlighters, then one very interesting shade that is red, but has the luminosity of a highlighter - "Extraordinary". The pigmentation is great, so use sparingly! 

2. Stila Liquid Liner
The only downside to this is that the cap is a little bit loose, and it eventually ended up falling off and drying out :( But while it was still alive, it was incredible. I don't have a steady hand but this still worked for me, and survived much sweat and even showers!

4. Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick
WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? It's simultaneously creamy and matte with amazing pigment (swiped once), and didn't dry my lips out, and also tasted delicious and I want every single colour.

5. Tarteist Lip Crayon
Latergram was a perfect nude for me! Good pigment, good lasting power. Matched really well with the ABH Lip Gloss in Toffee.

6. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
I am aware this is a cult fav and I 100% understand why. Several months in and I feel like I'm still discovering new ways to use it! Good for everyday and also good for when you feel like being extra but still cute! Pigmentation is better with some colours but I usually use a damp brush and it's fine. Also it smells incredible.

7. Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream
I'll probably never buy another BB Cream aside from Jane Iredale & Skin79. However, I much prefer Jane Iredale in the heat because it melts a lot less easily. It also has the coverage of a full foundation without suffocating your skin! A small drop goes a long way.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss
I really love this lip gloss in Toffee because I love shiny lips - but it also is fully opaque and it doesn't sink into cracks! And it tastes like toffee ice cream.

9. Youngblood Setting Powder
Second skin: check. Pretty golden glow: check. No icky floral smell: check. Great coverage: check!!!

10. Ardell Dark Eyelash Glue
Their transparent version is good as well, but I prefer the dark, as I feel like it blends better with a thick upper eyeliner! I've also tested this on a rollercoaster - passed!


Hope you all enjoyed my little beauty picks! Which are your favourites? Do you have any of these products as well? Let us know below & stay tuned for Autumn beauty picks!