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3 Apr 2018

Valentine's Day | Petite Dollies Fashion Theme

Back in February, Petite Dollies announced the first ever Fashion Theme! The idea was born from a discussion in the Larme Facebook group concerning the amount of similar coordinates within the foreign community, due to limited contact with the fashion outside of Japan. 
Our goal in starting this fashion theme is to encourage everyone to experiment with different styles and colour schemes, and remove ourselves from our fashion comfort zone! This is not to say that we can't still enjoy our favourite colours and fashion styles (You know I'm all for pink x black coords ;D), but we thought it would be a little less nerve-wracking for people to try out something new if we all did at the same time! Who knows, you might even discover your new favourite colour combination or clothing style!
 For our first theme, we chose 'Valentine's Day' and below are the cute and stylish girls who sent in their beautiful entries to us!
one. Nana
Instagram: @mamatiannatheo

two. Fon K.
three. Weisstariss d'Orange
 Instagram: @weisstariss

four. Marisa
 Instagram: @awkwardsquidward

five. Wing
 Instagram: @chocoreverie

Thank you to all who participated in our first ever fashion theme! You all look amazing! <3
Our next fashion theme is 'Spring is in the air'!
If you'd like to participate, please email (theauthors@petitedollies.com) us:
> Your name
> Your username from your SNS of choice (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.)
> A small description of your outfit and the inspiration behind it
> 1~3 pictures of your outfit, hair and makeup
Think about what inspires you about spring! Maybe it's a picnic date? or picking flowers in a garden! What patterns and colours make you think of spring? Gingham or floral? Pinks, reds, greens, or maybe purple? Whatever you decide, we are looking forward to seeing your beautiful coordinates!
Please send us your entry for this Fashion Theme before May 31st 2018.

Note: We decided to make the theme bi-monthly to give you a bit more time to come up with your coordinates, as well as to follow along with Larme magazine, which is also bi-monthly. We may return to monthly themes in the future, although this depends on how many entries we receive!
Thank you for reading and we hope you participate!


  1. Hi! I'd like to participate in the next fashion theme :) I guess it's gonna be summer themed since spring has just passed (although it's autumn where I live). It seems like a cute idea to put together some outfits and rock my larme side :)

    1. Hey gorgeous! Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we didn't receive enough entries to continue this series ): We would still love to see your outfit though so be sure to post on the Larme group on Facebook!
      If we get more participation from our readers in the future we may consider starting the series again! If we do, I'll let you know!