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12 Jan 2018

Peppermint Fox meets Larme: A Lookbook

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Hi beautiful people! Happy New Year to you all! 
To kick things off for 2018, I'm bringing you a lookbook featuring several pieces from the Australian indie brand, Peppermint Fox! They were kind enough to send me some of their gorgeous garments and so I've decided to show you how you can style them to reflect the Larme aesthetic we all know and love.
Peppermint Fox offers a beautiful range of accessories and garments, said to be inspired by traditional fairy tales and elements of the natural world. Prints are carefully designed by their talented illustrator and each garment is well-constructed and fully lined! I found their clothing incredibly comfortable to wear and they are machine washable too - a huge time and money saver! Here are the outfits I created!

Outfit one,

Outfit Rundown:
Beret: ebay
Choker: Romantic Standard (Harajuku)
Pleather Jacket: Temt
Onepiece: Peppermint Fox: Tea Emblem Milk Tea Print
Shoes: crayme,


Outfit two,

Outfit Rundown:
Ribbon: Craft store 
Choker: Wego
Top: A store at Sunshine Ikebukuro
Onepiece: Peppermint Fox: Little Houses Print
Gloves: ebay
Socks: ebay
Shoes: Wego


 I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was fun experimenting with Peppermint Fox's dresses, particularly as they don't have the typical Larme silhouette. Just goes to show with a little creativity and some cute accessories you can transform almost any item into a Larme outfit! Thank you to Peppermint Fox for the opportunity and thank you to my aunt for being a wonderful photographer!

Visit Peppermint Fox below:

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

1 comment:

  1. lovely outfit omg I am so in love with larme kei fashion