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20 Dec 2017

The Petite Dollies Christmas Wishlist 2017

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Hello everyone! Holiday season is upon us and we're excited! Today, all four Petite Dollies have teamed up to bring you a Christmas wishlist, filled with our favourite items for this season!

 1. Crayme, One Piece
I really love this khaki green colour and it's something I would love to try and incorporate more of into my wardrobe. I love that this piece is cinched at the waist, which makes it a very flattering, yet comfortable dress to wear!

2. Shelly De Titi Lingerie Set & Here
What girl doesn't love cute (and expensive ahem) underwear?! Shelly de Titi uses real silk so their underwear is incredibly soft! Yes please!

3. eHyphen World Gallery bonbon Cardigan
I'm travelling to Japan early next year, and this fluffy cardigan will get me through the cooler weather! As the cardigan is cropped, I can still wear high-waisted bottoms that may have a wider silhouette, without it looking too baggy. Cute and Comfy! Are you seeing the pattern here? haha!

4. HoneymiHoney Earrings
This year I've been really into experimenting with different earrings. I would love to add a pair of HoneymiHoney earrings to my growing collection.

5. Vannie Tokyo Wide-Leg Pants
The lace detail on side of these pants made me instantly fall in love! I really hope I can find a nice pair of flattering wide-leg pants soon ;A;

 1. Eat Me Harness
A good harness is a godsend, and this one would work so well with adding variety to an otherwise girly outfit! I enjoy how simple it is, but also appreciate the flattering crossover detail at the front.

2. Vannie Tokyo One Piece
This is great because it's so structured and versatile - I think I could wear it in a lot of different ways, from soft and girly to a more Basic French sort of look!

3. Fiction Tokyo Top
I'll always love velvet, and this is no exception. I like how loose and comfortable the sleeves look, while keeping the hem tucked to prevent a look that is completely baggy, and allowing a high-waisted look despite outerwear!

4. Swankiss Mermaid Peplum skirt
 Best of both worlds! I love mermaid skirts but sometimes they look very unflattering on my figure, so adding a waist-level peplum would be perfect for me! Faux leather is always amazing, so definitely on my list.

5. f.i.n.t. Fur Shoulder Bag
The macaron shape should really be enough to warrant an explanation, but I do adore the fur detailing and the tiny little bow! I also appreciate the dusty rose - the muted shade gives it a more mature, versatile edge.

 1. Melt the Lady Cardigan
I'm a sucker for fluffy knits and this cropped cardigan would look great with a high waisted skirt.

2. Crayme, High-waisted Skirt
The chunkiness of the knit in this skirt makes it stand out and also look very cosy!

3. Bubbles  Frill Coat
 This jacket has an interesting aesthetic with the ruffles and chunky metal. I think it could be worn with either girly or edgier styling.

4. Honey Cinnamon Backpack
  I love the tonne of ruffles on this bag, and the delicate tassels that are reminiscent of roomwear. It has pouches and a zip section on the inside for practicality too!

5. Eat Me Corset One Piece
I really like the structure in this dress, the high shoulders and circle peplum complement the smaller lace up and collar details.

1. Onespo Choker Necklace
Wide chokers have been my favorite accessory for a while and this one just hits it home with the incredible lion detail. Animal motifs are everything this season.

2. Onespo Beret
Berets are in and this is the best one I've seen? I would match it with a top with dark red or green details and black bottoms.

3. Wego Denim Jacket
A bleached denim jacket to complement the "quirky but edgy" sort of aesthetic that I have been into lately.

4. Jouetie Knit Top
Tan/beige + red + green is my current favorite combination in the world (thank you, Gucci). Add that to more florals and we have a winner.

5. eHyphen World Gallery bonbon Tartan Pleat Skirt
Plaid A-line pleated skirts are very in this season, but the heart buckle details on this one caught my eye!


So there you have our favourites for this season! What items are you hoping to see under your Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments!

On behalf of all of us at Petitedollies, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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