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9 Dec 2017

Katie's Current Style and Recent Outfits

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Hi everyone~ My name is Katie and I'm excited to join the Petite Dollies team. Here's an introduction to my style with some outfits from this year!

My first experience with Japanese fashions was a memorable one - I discovered copies of the Japanese street fashion magazines FRUiTS and FRESH FRUiTS in my primary school library and was fascinated by the personality and creativity of each outfit. During high school I was mostly occupied with Lolita fashion, and eventually discovered Larme style in university when looking through Japanese models' instagrams.

My favourite thing about larme is how it allows me to incorporate different aspects of my style - girly and edgy, elegant and practical - into looks that I'm comfortable with and feel great in. I also have to credit LARME makeup tutorials with teaching me how to work with my own eye shape! 

The staples of my wardrobe are t-shirts and black skirts, and the most common motifs are hearts and lacing.

Left: Mostly offbrand, skirt from elfe in our house (taobao). 
Right: Top: Candy Stripper | Skirt: Honey Cinnamon | Cardigan: Starlight Earrings: Bubbles | Choker: Forever New | Shoes + Socks: offbrand

I think that one of my strengths and also weaknesses is that I like to make outfits very 'matchy'. I really enjoy the themed spreads in Larme magazine and sometimes go overboard trying to emulate a certain look. 

Top, skirt: one spo | Bag: Ank Rouge | Bracelet, shoes: offbrand

I also think about the textures of an outfit when coordinating. Mixing material textures and drape can make an outfit interesting, and while matching them can help to create a cohesive look. 

Left: Top: Ank Rouge | Skirt: f.i.n.t | Shoes: Melissa
Right: Top: Honey mi Honey | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Mr&Mare Accessories: offbrand, handmade

My favourite Larme models are Yui Kanno, Risa Nakamura and Tsubasa Masukawa. As well as drawing style inspiration from magazines (LARME, Kera, Popteen, etc.), I also look to other larme fans (such as on wear.jp) and Korean ulzzang fashion. 

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