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11 Nov 2017

Exclusive Interview with LARME model, Sonia Yamamoto!

 from Sonia's Instagram
Sonia Yamamoto first debuted in Larme magazine in 2014. Since then she's modelled for brands such as lilLilly, Chuu, Bubbles and has even been the face of Shibuya 109 on numerous occasions. Sonia also frequently appears in the famous Tokyo Girls Collection fashion shows around the country, all while studying at one of Japan's most prestigious universities! Where does she get the time?!
 Originally hailing from France, Sonia's style is the perfect blend of sexy Western fashion and cute kawaii Japanese fashion. Her ability to mix such a diverse range of styles is certainly inspiring, so we decided to have a chat with her to find out how she does it!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

♡ Hello Sonia, thank you for your time today! So let's get started! How did you start modelling?
When I lived in France, I often read Japanese magazines. I was influenced by that and began doing photoshoots in France!

♡ ソニアさん、こんにちは!今日はお忙しいところ、お時間を割いていただきありがとうございます。早速ですが、モデルをはじめたきっかけは何ですか?

Shooting for Me% Accessories

♡ Since you began modelling, is there anything in particular that you find challenging? What aspects of it do you find enjoyable?
I find it quite difficult trying to figure out what kind of expression and poses the client is looking for. The kind of atmosphere brands want to create is different at each shoot and as such, during photoshoots I'm always conscious of what the clothing and the brand's image is. As for enjoyable aspects, it has to be being able to discover new clothing and make up, as well as being able to meet many different staff members.

♡ モデルをやっていて、ここが難しいなぁと思うところありますか?それから、ここが楽しい!と思うところは何ですか?

Tokyo Girls Collection in Kitakyushu A/W 2017

♡ What do you find interesting about LARME fashion?
I like how feminine it is. When I lived in Paris, I wasn't really able to wear cute and soft Larme-like clothing and so now I wear it all the time in Japan. I also like how it shows just a little bit of skin such as showing off your shoulders with an off-the-shoulder top. Vintage-like fashion is also my type [of style].

♡ ラルムファッションのどんなところが好きですか?
女の子らしいところ。私が住んでいたパリでは学校であまりラルムっぽい可愛らしいふんわりしたお洋服を着る機会がなかったので、日本でたくさん着てますね。 露出の仕方もとってもタイプなんです。肩出しのオフショルだったり、ヴィンテージっぽいファッションもとってもタイプですね。

A personal coordinate of Sonia's

♡ Ah! I'm sure many of our overseas readers will agree! So when you're coordinating an outfit, is there something you absolutely cannot go without?
It has to be comfortable, while also matching the sort of image I have in my head. Depending on the day, sometimes I prefer a more cool, edgy look, while other times I prefer a monotone look. So in order to find the right 'image' I want to create, I read lots of magazines and watch movies.

♡ そうですね~!海外に住んでいる皆さんはすごく共感できると思いますね!それで私服のコーディネートを組んでいるときにこれは絶対に欠かせない!!というものはありますか?

Special Girly Lingerie spread in Larme 025

♡ Being comfortable is so important! So where do you find inspiration for your style?
I absolutely love Bridget Bardot. I like how she mixes a glamorous but sexy look, along with her retro girly fashion. I like her hairstyle and make up too.

♡ 心地よさは大事ですよね~ ソニアさんはどんなところからインスピレーションを受けていますか?

♡ How would you describe your personal style in one word?

♡ 一言でいうと自分のスタイルは何ですか?

LilLilly's A/W 2017 collection

♡ How has your style evolved over time?
When I was 17 years old, I wore quite street-style fashion. Things like wearing a hoodie with skinny jeans and platform sneakers. At 18-19 years of age, I wore a lot of shorts and pleated skirts with crop tops for a casual and cute school girl look. Now I go for the image of a mature young woman but still mix it up with fun fashion items such as choker necklaces, fishnet tights and bright coloured accessories.

♡ 自分のスタイルは時間と共にどのように進化しましたか?

 'SoniEmma' Sonia & Emma - this cute duo attending a Fendi event in September 2017

♡ Your personal style continues to evolve by trying out different fashion, doesn't it! Are there any trends you're looking forward to wearing in the upcoming season?
I like vintage style shirts. [This season] I want to match them with denim items in order to create a 'classic girly style' look.

♡ 色んなファッションに挑戦して、自分のスタイルが進化していくものですね。今季のトレンドの中でお気に入りのものは何ですか?

 Outfit from Sonia's recent trip to France

♡ How cute! Okay, so now we're going to talk a little about makeup. What are your favourite make up items currently?
I like colourful eyeshadows! I love using chuu's glittery brown and orange coloured shadows. For my lips, I like Dior's gloss and 3CE's brown matte lipstick.

♡ 良いですね!では、メイクの話に移りたいと思いますが、 最近、愛用している化粧品は何ですか?
カラーシャドーが好き!chuu のラメが入ったブラウンやオレンジ系のシャドーを愛用しています!リップはディオールのグロスや3CEのブラウンマットなリップが好きです。


♡ What's something you're addicted to at the moment?
Recently, I've been watching a lot of Korean dramas and variety shows when I'm travelling and also in my spare time.

♡ 最近のマイブームは何ですか?

A personal coordinate from a Bubbles PR event

♡ You have so many fans overseas! How does it feel to inspire Japanese-fashion lovers around the world?
It makes me very happy that I can share my view of the world and have people say they love it too. I'm going to continue sharing my lifestyle and fashion style with you all, so please keep an eye out! ♡

♡ 海外ではソニアさんのファンがたくさんいます。世界の日本のファッション好きの人々に影響を与えていることにどう思っていますか?

Chuu Lingerie S/S 2017

 ♡ After having a look at your instagram, it seems you travel to many different places, but what has been your favourite place to travel to so far? Please tell us why!
Paris and Korea. Of course I chose Paris because I used to live there, but also because of the many fashion and art galleries where you can enjoy all sorts of art. I always do lots of shopping! ♡ I also eat lots of Macarons and Monblancs! ♡ As for Korea, it's the place I've travelled to the most in the past two years. I really love Korean style, the makeup and hair styles are really unique, it's catchy! I also love spicy food!

♡ ソニアさんのインスタグラムを見ると色んなところに行かれているようですが、好きな旅行先はどこですか?そして、その理由も教えてください!
パリと韓国 パリはやっぱり住んでたっていうのもあるけど、ファッションや美術館などアートをたくさん感じられるから!いっぱいショッピングしちゃう♡マカロンやモンブランなどもいっぱいたべちゃう♡ 韓国はこの2年で一番行ってるかな。コリアンスタイルがすごくすき、メイクやヘアースタイルも個性が出ていてキャッチーなの!辛い料理も好き!

Sonia in recent trips to Korea and France

♡ Lastly, do you have a message for your fans overseas?
I haven't really been able to keep up with posting frequently on social media, nor have I done any jobs overseas yet.* However, I would like to keep challenging myself to participate in many new experiences and continue to raise my skill as a model, so please keeping supporting me! Thank you for reading my interview! ♡

* Sonia has since walked for several brands at Paris Fashion Week!

♡ 最後に海外のファンへのメッセージはありますか?
まだまだ海外では活動もしていないし、発信もきちんとできていないけど、もっと今後色んなことに挑戦してモデルとしてのスキルを上げていくので、応援宜しくお願いします。 インタヴュー読んでくれてありがとうございました♡

Note: This interview was originally conducted over email in Japanese and as such, questions have been slightly edited for flow.

A recent personal coordinate featuring a cute, vintage jacket that Sonia purchased in France!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Visit Sonia's social media down below!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/soniann0505
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/yamamoto-sonia
 WEAR: http://wear.jp/soniann0505/

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Sonia through this interview! We would also like to thank Sonia for making this interview possible!

Please let us know in the comments who you'd like us to interview next and we will try our best to organise it!

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