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1 Oct 2017

Interview with Fashion Artist, Snow Priestess!

Snow Priestess is a wonderful artist who has been quickly gaining popularity amongst international LARME lovers! Her style features bold, clean lines, soft colours, sweet faces, and gorgeous LARME-style fashion! Petite Dollies was lucky enough to be able to interview her and ask her questions about art and fashion!

We're so glad to feature you on Petite Dollies! Who are your biggest artistic inspirations?
My answer is pretty basic but I am a big fan of Loish! I love how she uses colors but also how dynamic her drawings are!
Loish is definitely an incredible artist! What tools do you use to create your art?
I used to draw on paper but now I'm almost only drawing digitally! I'm using a Intuos Pro Tablet and Photoshop.

What caused you to be interested in drawing LARME fashion?
As I am studying 3D animation at school, I needed to draw for myself to cool down. And I thought that my favorite fashion would be the perfect match!

It's always so amazing to meet other LARME lovers and see what their passions are! Have you ever designed any LARME outfits in your drawings?

I do! But I also like to imagine and design outfits to match brand pieces. If I knew how to sew, I would definitely create my own LARME inspired clothes!

Oh wow, please let us know if you ever do! What do you find is most challenging about drawing LARME fashion?

I think that as LARME is a very diverse fashion, I might be stepping away from the aesthetics ... Moreover, there are not that much drawings of the style so I cannot relate like I do with Lolita fashion.

That's true, it is a relatively new fashion compared to Lolita. What do you enjoy best about the fashion?

I love the fact that it's cute and mature at the same time!

That's one of the things we love too! Who is your favourite model?
I've always liked Risa Nakamura but these days, I really like Maihee! She's sooo adorable.

She truly is! We recently had an interview with her and she was lovely! Do you have a favourite LARME style?

I love Pheromone Fetish, but unfortunately I think it doesn't suit me 😭. I mostly wear Romantic Girly style!

It's such a pretty style! Do you often wear it?
I do often wear LARME, and we have a great community here in France, "Blue Valentine". We already had meetups and I hope we will have more to come!

That's amazing! We've seen recent photos and you all look incredible! Lastly, which LARME brands are your favourite?

Hard question... at the moment, I love EATME and Ank Rouge!

Thanks so much for your time! We hope you enjoyed this interview with Snow Priestess! She is incredibly talented! You can purchase her designs at: 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Wow! I love the drawings she makes! Absolutely love her style and I really like how you interviewed her. Lots of luck for your future.

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