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26 Sept 2017

Autumn/Winter 2017 Trend Report + Larme 030 Trend Scans

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Hey everyone! I received the latest issue of Larme (No. 30) the other day, and as Ruka is currently on hiatus at the moment, I thought I would step in and share some of the upcoming trends featured in the magazine! At the end, I will also present some of  my favourite trends that several Larme brands have included in their Autumn/Winter 2017 collections. All links will be provided to save you having to search around for the items! I hope you find some inspiration for the upcoming season!
Part I. LARME 030 Autumn Trends and Scans
1. Shoes with fur detail 
 2. Matching Top and Bottom sets.

3. Mixing different materials and textures.

4. Ribbons
 5. Leopard Print

6. Check/Plaid Prints

7. Frill detail
8. Girly Caps

9. Lace Up Boots
10. Sporty Items
11.Velour accessories

12. Belts made from warm materials
13.Classic Floral Prints

14. Classic style Dresses
15. Jewelled Accessories

Part II. Alice's Favourite A/W 2017 Trends
 Here are some of my favourite trends that I have observed from the many different 'Larme brand' A/W collections. Some of them you may have seen previously, while some are some new additions! Enjoy!
1. Shaggy Cardigans
These fuzzy cardigans are so comfortable to snuggle up in and will definitely keep you warm throughout the cooler months! They can also add a nice textural element to your coordinate.
2. Berets

With so many different details on this season's berets, you will surely find the perfect beret to compliment any outfit. If you already own a beret, perhaps try adding a cute brooch to give it your own personal touch!


 Vannie Tokyo
3. High waisted bottoms with suspenders
I have been a long time fan of high waisted bottoms, mainly because they give the illusion of longer legs. A total life saver for those of us who aren't blessed in the height department! :'D



Link: http://www.katiewebstore.jp/SHOP/2CT-1704.html


4. Mermaid Skirts

These skirts are so cute and feminine without going overboard. I absolutely love the lace up detail on Honey Mi Honey's skirt!

Honey Mi Honey

 Ank Rouge
5. Dark red / Bordeaux

Red was a prominent colour in the summer months this year, and for the cooler season it has evolved into deeper, darker version. Deep red is such a sophisticated colour and is perfect for the upcoming festive season. My favourite colour combinations are Dark Red x Black and Dark Red x Pink!


 Ank Rouge


6. Tulle Overlay skirts and Dresses

Sheer long skirts have been around for a while now, but many of them only seemed practical during the warmer months. However this season, brands have been coordinating these skirts over the top of jeans and long pants, which is great for those of you who live in a particularly cold climate! It can also add a feminine touch to a more sporty or street outfit - another trend we saw featured in the magazine.



7. Harnesses

Harnesses are making a comeback the season!  Add a harness to a girly lace dress for the perfect combination of cute and edgy. I really love the ribbon harness from lilLilly and I think it'd be fun to even try and DIY your own!






8. Sheer Loose Socks
Of course the ever popular fishnet socks and tights are still around, but if you feel like trying something different, how about these cute sheer loose socks? My favourite are the ones with glitter detail!
So there you go! What trends are you looking forward to trying this season? Leave a comment down below, as we'd love to hear from you!
If you live in the southern hemisphere like I do, how do you think you will incorporate some of the trends? Personally, I'd like to try out the sheer socks, sporty outfits and girly caps, as I think these trends can be quite versatile, even in a warmer climate!
Happy A/W season (or S/S for us in the southern hemisphere haha) everyone!!

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  1. Part I. LARME 030 Autumn Trends and Scans, this is so perfect and have the everything on point. This really shows the great sense of outfit and the matching.