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2 Jul 2017

Style Steal: Larme Model Yui Kanno

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Recently, the Petite Dollies have been completely infatuated with Larme model Yui Kanno's sweet yet edgy look and in particular, her brand Crayme's latest Spring & Summer collection. Today, We're going to take a look at a few of Yui's personal outfits and show you how you can re-create them using cheaper and more accessible alternatives!
Yui's fashion style usually reflect current fashion trends, but still remain true to her love of both vintage girly items and 80s & 90s rock culture. She is known to create both mature and feminine looks, and also more sexy and 'grunge' looks depending on her mood and the occasion. Some of my favourite coordinates from her include a mix of these elements, such as wearing a delicate, feminine lace dress and accessorizing with studded pleather bracelets or sporting patent leather shoes for a 'cute with attitude' look.
The latest Spring and Summer collection from her brand 'Crayme,' carries a selection of both girly and street items featuring popular trends such as small floral prints, denim, fishnets, sheer fabrics, wide legged pants and rose embroidery. Yui's own outfits often feature several items from Crayme, and it's clear she enjoys designing clothing and accessories to share with us through her brand, that she herself would also wear in everyday life.
I've selected three of my favourite outfits from Yui Kanno's WEAR page and searched stores and websites such as Forever 21, H&M and Asos, in order to find items that are more widely available to you all! 
Outfit One - Denim x Floral
Top: Crayme,       9,720 yen (approx. $88 USD)
Skirt: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Bag: Crayme,       9,720 yen (approx. $88 USD)
Fishnet Socks: Unspecified       Price unknown
Shoes: Ebele Motion (SS 2015 collection)       Price unknown
Earrings: Crayme,       1,944 yen (approx. $17 USD)
Sunglasses: Miu Miu        $390 USD
Choker Necklace: Crayme,       2700yen (approx. $24 USD)
Hair Ribbon: Unspecified       Price unknown

 Cheaper Alternative

[click the brand name to open the shopping page]
Top: H&M       $14.99 USD
Skirt: Forever 21       $ 19.90 USD
Bag: Wego       2,149 yen (approx. $19 USD)
Fishnet Socks: Asos       $6.50 USD
Shoes: Asos       $46.00 USD OR Wego       4,309 yen (approx. $38 USD)
Earrings: Forever 21       $6.90 USD
Sunglasses: H&M       $7.99 USD
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $5.90 USD
Hair Ribbon: Purchase from any craft store for around $1
It was actually quite difficult to find a floral print shirred top similar to this, but by choosing this plain black top from H&M, you can easily customise it with some fabric paint and DIY your own floral pattern!
Outfit Two - Feminine Grunge
Jacket: Crayme,       19,980 yen (approx. $179 USD)
Onepiece: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Tights: Crayme,       1,404 yen (approx. $13 USD)
Boots: Crayme,       10,800 yen (approx. $97 USD)
Choker Necklace: Crayme,       2,916 yen (approx. $26 USD)
 Cheaper Alternative

 Jacket: H&M       $ 29.99 USD
Onepiece: Asos       $15.00 USD
Tights: Forever 21       $ 5.90 USD
Boots: Asos       $38.00 USD
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $5.90 USD
 If you want to keep the look as authentic as possible to Yui's outfit, you can sew the black tulle to the leather jacket for an added feminine touch.

Outfit Three - Cream x Black

Hair Ribbon: Unspecified       Price unknown
Choker Necklace: Unspecified       Price unknown
Top: Honey mi Honey       16,200 yen (approx. $145 USD)
Skirt: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Shoes: Miu Miu       $713 USD
Bracelet: Unspecified       Price unknown

 Cheaper Alternative

Hair Ribbon: Purchase from any craft store for around $1
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $2.73 USD
Top: Forever 21       $35.00 USD
Skirt: Yumetenbou       2,490 yen (approx. $22 USD)
Shoes: Shoes pictured above are sold out. Alternative: H&M       $39.99 USD
Bracelet: Wego       1,069 yen  (approx. $9.50 USD)

 *I've listed prices in USD for consistency.
So there you go! I hope this gives you some insight on how to emulate Yui's style! Have fun! Of course, there may be other cheaper options near you, but that's the beauty of re-creating coordinates in this way! I also recommend checking out your local secondhand stores for some hidden bargains ;D
Happy Shopping everyone!

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