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16 Mar 2017

Ruka's Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Report & LARME 026 Trend Scans


Spring/Summer 2017: Vintage florals, bell sleeves, and more!

In this post, I will share some Spring/Summer 2017 trends that I adore! First, I will list the trends from LARME 026's "Girly Trend of Spring" editorial and provide scans. I will then show my favorite S/S 2017 girly-style trends (of which some have been covered in LARME 026 and some have not) by providing examples from some LARME brands. (For your shopping/browsing convenience, the examples are all linked to the original sales pages!) Lastly, I will include a recent spring trend-inspired coordinate of mine.

I. LARME 026 Spring Trends and Scans

1. Embroidery

2. Gingham check

3. Floral prints
4. Red (the color)


5. Off-the-shoulder tops

6. Blouson jackets
7. Large ribbon detail
8. Scallop hem detail
9. Glitter/Lamé

10. Denim

11. See-through
12. Large collars

13. Matching set ups
14. Frill detail
15. Lace detail

II. Ruka's Favorite S/S 2017 Trends

I am in love with several trend items from this season. Each item in this section is hyperlinked to its original sales page.I wish it were possible to buy them all, haha! 

Some of these trends in this section are revivals of older ones with an updated spring/summer flair. Some of them are quite new. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do~

1) Pajama-style tops, dresses, and jackets

Honey Cinnamon 
(currently not available, I will update this link when it comes back)

2) Vintage small floral print or embroidery

Maxi gowns in white or dusty blue are particularly popular! Other styles include flowy, ruffled blouses, vintage-style blouses, shirred tops, wide pants/culottes, and various accessories.

Honey Cinnamon (currently not available)

Honey Cinnamon (currently not available)

Honey Cinnamon (currently not available)

Honey Cinnamon (currently not available)

3) Denim jackets with girly details

These denim jackets are given a girly twist with sweet embroidery or ruffles!

Honey Cinnamon (currently not available)

3) Lace overlay/underlay pencil midi skirts and dresses

3) Retro lettering/rose detail graphic tees


4) Off-the-shoulder tops/dresses with straps

Honey Salon (currently not available)

5) Wide leg high-waisted jeans

6) Vintage blouses

6) Bell sleeves (especially on shirred off-the-shoulder tops)

7) Bow-detail platform sandals

8) Heart script-detail hair clips

9) Belt-style chokers

lilLilly (not yet released, photo from here)

III. A Spring Coordinate

Here is a recent coordinate in which I incorporated a small vintage floral print, bow-detail platform sandals, and a spring-esque light color palette!

Inner top: mon Lily 
Pants, camisole, hairpin, choker: WEGO
Shoes: DreamV 
Bag (not pictured): Honey mi Honey leopard print tote

Thank you for reading my post! I hope that you enjoyed it and that I was able to tempt you with some seasonal trend pieces.

What are your favorite trends of this season? Do you have any pieces that you like in particular? Which brand do you think pulled off the S/S 2017 vibe the best? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time! 


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