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16 Feb 2017

DIY Garter Belt Bottoms!

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Hi dolls! Today I am going to show a very, very easy way to sew a garter belt onto a pair of bottoms (I used a skort). Thanks Luisa for the prompt! Disclaimer - I am not a dressmaker or fashion student, so I advise hand-washing your piece afterwards, as I cannot guarantee it won't fall apart in the washing machine x_x)


I picked this skort because I never actually wear it. I got it on sale and thought it was very pretty, but it's also not very LARME and nowadays, LARME-style fashion is all I've been dressing in!

This is the garter belt I'll be using. I got it very cheap on eBay (I think only $1.00), and though I think it is very pretty, I don't find it very versatile, as it fits a bit strange on me. I kind of have bigger hips so it doesn't really "flare" out like it should, and sort of fits very straight, haha. Sidenote - this tutorial is also good if you have the same problem as me and also if your garter belt is a bit smaller than your clothing item!)

Step 1: Cut the garter belt into three pieces by cutting it into two (front and back) and cutting the back into another two.
- Piece #1 should be the longest piece, and feature the front of the garter.
- Pieces #2 and #3 are the back part of the garter and will be smaller and equally sized with one another.

Step 2: Take either Piece #2 or #3 and place it at the left or right edge of the bottoms.

Step 3: From inside the bottoms, start stitching the very top of the garter belt, to attach it to the waist of the bottoms. 
(I just used a simple straight stitch, which you can read more about here!)
(Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the remaining piece (Either #2 or #3) to stitch it on the other side of the bottoms.)

Step 4: Take Piece #1 (The longest, front piece) and place it in the middle, where you want it to be. The edges may overlap with Pieces #2 and #3 - that's okay, it just makes it fluffier!
You can now begin stitching Piece #1 onto the bottoms.

All done!
(Though I do apologize as the skort is a little too big for me)

I hope you enjoyed! Please show us your creations if you make any!
xoxo Eri


  1. Love it <3 I have a rather plain pencil skirt and I've been meaning to do something like this but also add a bit of a peplum, of some sorts. We'll see if I can do it! Challenge accepted xD

    As always, Eris/Ruka, your blog is my number 1 source for info on larme overseas (aside from instagram) because I like that you take the time to write all down ^_^

    xoxo ♥