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16 Oct 2016

Fallin in Love with Urban Goth

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So let me first start of by saying how flipping AMAZING LARME 024 is. It's my favourite issue so far and I want almost every single outfit gracing the pages. Emiiichan has provided some beautiful scans here so you guys can marvel along with me.

One of my favourite editorials in the magazine was Monaca Nishi's "Urban Goth". I'd been in a fashion slump for awhile and thought I was losing my love of LARME, but in all honesty I think I was just feeling a little directionless. While I love the fluffy girly side of LARME, the pop retro side of it, and even the grungey side, I never really felt like they expressed who I was. Not that I stake my identity on fashion, but I like having my own personal view of myself be congruent to how I style myself and express myself through fashion. So.

I've always admired the darker side of LARME, but for some reason was never truly inspired by it until now. I feel like this editorial kind of fused a lot of my favourite elements into one, so without further adieu, here is my Urban Goth inspired outfit!

Eri's Coordinate!

Top/Playsuit: Princess Polly
Velvet Slip Dress: Princess Polly
Fishnet Stockings: Asos
Patent Boots: Asos
Makeup Point (Blush/Lipstick/Lipgloss): Laura Mercier & L.A Girl

I really enjoyed mixing fabrics with this outfit. I love both silky satin and velvet, and putting it together felt nice to wear! I was also tossing it up between the black patent boots and some camel patent boots I own, but ultimately decided to go with the black to keep it a smaller palette and highlight the army green satin, as well as the bright red cheeks and lips.

As soon as I saw these tights, I had to buy them. They are like fishnet on fishnet. ALL THE FISHNET.

I hope you enjoyed this post, as well as the direction I'm headed towards! I look forward to exploring this darker side of LARME as much as I can!