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12 Aug 2016

Recent Outfits Update!

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Hey everyone! 

It's been a while since I last made a post. I was on vacation in Paris, Rome, and Venice with my family and had a great time! I talked with Eri about potentially making a travel post, since Petite Dollies is a LARME-oriented blog and LARME (as both a magazine and an aesthetic) often emphasizes culture. I'll be slowly working on the travel post. I was able to visit many museums and cultural sites and try different foods. ^^

Here are a couple of recent outfits!

Outfit 1

Top: one spo
Skirt: E hyphen world gallery
Shoes: mon Lily
Bag: Ank Rouge
Barrette: Paris Kids
Socks: Offbrand

And a casual cheap (Forever 21) sunglasses selfie:

I wore this outfit to get dim sum and bubble tea with some wonderful California friends!

I've been wearing a lot of black x pink lately. I adore this color combination as it strikes the LARME-typical balance between girly, sweet, and sophisticated. Black x pink also seems to be one of Risa Nakamura's favorite palettes.

Many LARME-style Japanese brands are releasing their Autumn Winter 2016 collections, which seem to favor the pink x black color combination as well.

The black and pink color combination is also becoming very popular in street fashion.

I have also been loving the trend of loose, flowy bottoms in Japanese fashion. 

I hope to pick up some more wide pants, maxi skirts, and midi skirts before the summer sales end! >_<

Outfit 2

Top: titty&co
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Jonak
Hairband: Katie
Badge: Katie (originally a mirror)

This is a casual, retro girly outfit. I'm not certain if it completely suits the LARME aesthetic, but I did focus on similar girly stylings with the high-waisted jeans, the cropped top, the enamel/patent texture, the frill detail, and the plaid and gingham patterns. I wish I owned higher-waisted jeans—I can never find ones that are as high waisted as the jeans often featured in the magazine!

(I am very much obsessed with my Katie "Cafe Chic" hairband. It's the prettiest shade of pink and seems to compliment all of my pink pieces perfectly. T_T)

Thank you for reading my rather short recent outfits post!

As usual, here are a couple of questions that I'd love to read your answers to:

Do you enjoy the pink x black/"Risa style" direction that many Japanese brands seem to be headed in? What are some Autumn Winter 2016 trends that you are excited about? 

I would also appreciate other forms of feedback. 

Until next time!