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23 May 2016

Baby Blue Picnic

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Ruka's Coordinate!

This was my outfit for the Larme Kei Worldwide Facebook group's "Picnic Date" challenge! I unfortunately did not go on a picnic date, but I did get to wear this outfit to the doctor's, haha. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that this post is slightly late. I had really wanted to finish my post about showing skin in Larme first.

Top: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Skirt: WEGO
Shoes: DreamV/NewlyMe
Bag: Angelic Pretty

Headband: Forever 21
Socks: Forever 21
Rosette badge: Katie replica

Outfit reflection

When I first saw the picnic date outfit challenge, I thought of the "Picnic Girl" spread in Larme 021 (pages 52-53). The spread focused on plaid patterns, soft and flowy fabrics, ruffles, denim, and bright summer colors like red, blue, and white. 

I initially tried to resist the urge to wear a straight-up sweet coordinate, since I knew that it's probably the easiest angle to approach this outfit challenge from. Eri and I even discussed a possible Pheromone Fetish picnic date look involving a dark abandoned forest, black cherries, and fetish wear. Or a Grunge picnic date on a beach with many, many fringes... But those looks would require some elaborate staging, so I went for a sweet, retro-inspired outfit instead.

I chose the plaid skirt because plaid is a picnic classic. I have been wearing a lot of red recently, so I made blue the main color of my outfit instead. To keep up the picnic theme, I picked out a top with pink strawberries in its decal print and socks with a pink floral print. I wore a wire bow headband and T-strap shoes to keep up the retro vibe. And I accessorized with a blue and pink rosette because rosettes are wonderful accessories for Pin-up Dolly/Retro style outfits and for color-balancing in general.


Some silly bonus photos:

I'm growing my hair to mid-neck length so it is currently at an awkward length. (>人<;) I just figured out how to style my hair so that it looks less ridiculous, but these photos are from before then...

(And I'm living at my parents' house for the summer, so the background of my photos looks different.)

Thank you for reading my outfit post!

Here are a couple of fashion questions for thought. Feel free to consider them or to answer them in the comments.
  • What style(s) would you wear on a picnic date? (It doesn't have to be a girly J-fashion or a Larme style!)
  • What are your favorite patterns and/or prints? (Ex. Gingham plaid, glen plaid, large florals, etc.)

I would love to hear other feedback as well.

Until next time!

22 May 2016

Showing Skin in the Larme Aesthetic


In this post, I will discuss the relationship between showing skin and the Larme aesthetic.

I. Balanced skin exposure as a means of expressing the Larme aesthetic
II. Skin exposure in the different Larme sub-styles

I. Balanced skin exposure as a means of expressing the Larme aesthetic 

Skin exposure in Larme-style coordinates depends on the particular coordinate's styling and on the balance of the clothing cuts. While Larme-style coordinates can be revealing, they do not aim at expressing sexiness. Revealing coordinates are styled according to Larme's dolly, girlish, and refined aesthetic. Pastel and muted color palettes, a mixture of various interesting textures, and classic or retro stylings help create this balance. 

It is hard to find coordinates in Larme that are completely revealing or completely covering. Most of the time, revealing pieces and elements (such as crop tops and cut-out details) are balanced by modest pieces and elements (such as midi skirts and mock-neck collars). You can find examples of this type of balancing throughout the Larme scans in this post.

The magazine also shies away from certain kinds of skin exposure that do not suit its aesthetic. For example, tops that are very low-cut in the chest and very low-waisted bottoms are not common.

There are revealing pieces and modest pieces that are uniquely emphasized in the Larme

The revealing pieces that are often in Larme-style coordinates are:
  • Crop tops
  • Sheer (such as lace, tulle, or mesh) pieces
  • Off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, and all-in-ones
  • Cut-out detail pieces (such as heart cut outs or shoulder cut outs)
  • Sheer panel detail pieces
Crop tops are in nearly every Larme sub-style. They go along with the magazine's focus on creating leg emphasis (especially when combined with high-waisted bottoms) and long, slender, and dolly silhouettes. Sheer items create an air of delicacy, maturity, and femininity. Sheer tops and bottoms are often layered on smaller (and sometimes contrasting) pieces underneath such as camisoles or miniskirts. Off-the-shoulder, cut-out detail, and sheer panel detail items similarly emphasize a youthful, romantic, and refined sort of girlishness. Mini skirts, mini dresses, camisoles, and shorter shorts are also often in Larme, but they are popular in many other Japanese styles as well.

Here are some examples of the revealing pieces that are especially common in Larme.

Crop tops and sheer items:
Larme 022.

Sheer dress:
Larme 021.

Sheer panel top:
Larme 021.

Off-the-shoulder and shoulder cut-out crop tops:
Larme 022.

Off-the-shoulder all-in-one:
Larme 022.

Off-the-shoulder and shoulder cut-out tops:
Larme 022.

Heart cut-out top:
Larme 018.

The modest pieces that are often in Larme-style coordinates are:
  • Midi skirts
  • Maxi skirts
  • Gaucho/wide-legged pants
  • Long culottes
The midi skirt is a key component of many Larme-style coordinates. Pencil midi skirts tend to be more common in the Pheromone Fetish, Pin-up Dolly/Retro, and Loose Grunge styles while A-line midi skirts tend to be more common in the Romantic Girly and Basic French styles. Gaucho and wide-legged pants, long culottes, and maxi skirts lend an effortlessly soft and feminine look to Larme-style coordinates. These bottoms are often made of delicate and flowy fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and satin. They are staples of the Dream Casual style. 

Here are some examples of midi skirts, maxi skirts, gaucho pants, and long culottes.

Midi pencil skirts:
Larme 022.

Midi A-line skirts and wide-legged pants:
Larme 021.

Maxi skirts:
Larme 022.

Wide-legged pants:

Larme 022.

Long culottes:
Larme 021.

Skin exposure in Larme-style legwear and depends on the balance of skin exposure in the rest of the outfit. Legwear is particularly important because most Larme-style coordinates involve heels or sandals. 

Socks that come up to above the ankle are often worn with shorter bottoms (such as midi skirts and mini skirts). Knee socks are commonly worn with shorts and very short miniskirts. When long bottoms (such as pants or maxi skirts) are worn, Larme-style coordinates tend to be sockless.

Full legwear (like pantyhose, tights, or stockings) is less common but can be found in Pheromone Fetish, Romantic Girly, and Loose Grunge. Full legwear in Pheromone Fetish in particular involves sheer pantyhose/tights, lace-patterned tights, or fishnets. 

Some examples of balanced legwear in Larme:

Skirts worn with above-the-ankle socks and pants worn without socks:
Larme 021.

Skirts worn with above-the-ankle socks and pants worn without socks:
Larme 021.

Skirts worn with above-the-ankle socks and shorts worn with knee socks:
Larme 020.

Shorts worn with knee socks:

Larme 018.

Sheer tights and skirts worn with above-the-ankle socks:
Larme 021.

II. Skin exposure in the different Larme sub-styles

Not all Larme sub-styles are created equally in terms of showing skin. If you plan your outfits according to circumstantially appropriate levels of skin exposure (such as for the workplace or for a party), you may want to focus on different Larme styles. Pheromone Fetish is the most revealing Larme style. Dream Casual is the most modest. French and Romantic Girly tend toward the modest side while Pin-up Dolly and Loose Grunge tend toward the revealing side.

Pheromone Fetish: Most revealing

Pheromone Fetish coordinates commonly involve see-through lace blouses and sheer detail skirts. Camisole tops and dresses, sheer panel tops, and heart cut-out tops are also common. In addition to making use of midi pencil skirts and wide-legged pants, Pheromone Fetish emphasizes miniskirts and shorter shorts. Legwear in Pheromone Fetish tends to be sheer, lace-patterned, or fishnet-patterned. Boudoir-slipper style heels are often worn without socks.

Larme 018.

Larme 018.

Larme 021.

Dream Casual: Least revealing

Dream Casual coordinates often show no skin at all. Maxi skirts and long culottes are the most popular bottoms in this style. Mini skirts and mini dresses are rare. There are sheer lace pieces in Dream Casual, but they are layered over more covering pieces like T-shirts and longer skirts (as opposed to camisoles, bralettes, and miniskirts in Pheromone Fetish). T-shirts and sweaters are very common.

Larme 018.

Larme 020.

French: Less revealing

French (or Basic French) is less revealing than Pheromone Fetish, Pin-up Dolly, and Loose Grunge. The style is somewhat more revealing than Dream Casual. The blouses and sweaters in French are quite modest. Wide-legged pants and skinny jeans may also be worn. French also involves midi and above-the-knee length skirts. This style may not feel revealing at all to those who are accustomed to midi skirts. 

Larme 018.

Larme 021.

Larme 020.

Romantic Girly: Less revealing

Like in French, skin exposure in Romantic Girly mostly comes from the A-line midi skirts. When opaque tights are worn, Romantic Girly coordinates can also be completely covering. The blouses and sweaters in Romantic Girly are modest as well.

Larme 021.

Larme 020.

Pin-up Dolly: More revealing

Pin-up Dolly (or Retro) utilizes a wide range of bottoms including miniskirts, A-line midi skirts, pencil midi skirts, shorter shorts, and skinny jeans. Mini skirts and shorter shorts are the most revealing bottoms in this style. The skinny-cut pants in Pin-up Dolly are more revealing than the wide-legged pants or culottes in other Larme styles. Crop tops and off-the-shoulder tops can also be found in Pin-up Dolly.

Larme 021.

Larme 021.

Larme 020.

Loose Grunge: More revealing

Loose Grunge often makes use of sheer pieces that are layered over smaller, revealing pieces (such as shorter shorts). (The girly grunge brand Fallin' has good examples of this kind of styling.) The mini skirts and crop tops in Loose Grunge tend to balance out the larger and/or less structured outwear pieces. Pencil midi skirts and wide-legged pants are also common in Loose Grunge.

Larme 018.

Larme 020.

Conclusion and Author's Note

Skin exposure in Larme is carefully crafted to balance clothing cuts and to highlight the magazine's unique aesthetic. The magazine emphasizes a variety of unique revealing pieces and modest pieces that individually conform to the Larme look. If skin exposure is a factor that you consider while planning outfits, you may want plan your outfits according to different Larme sub-styles. Pheromone Fetish tends to be the most revealing style while Dream Casual tends to be the least revealing style.

Thank you for reading this blog post! I apologize for the lack of activity on this blog in the past couple of weeks. I have relocated to California for the summer and things have been hectic. Eri is still swamped with schoolwork, but her break is very soon. However, we have some good posts planned, so please look forward to them! 

As usual, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. And if you have suggestions for how to improve this post, I would love to hear them.

Until next time!