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28 Apr 2016

My Circle Lens Journey & Vassen Hazel Lenses

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Today I'll be reviewing Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro in Hazel! Circle lenses are commonly seen in Larme fashion, and they are usually natural-looking lenses with small to medium enlargement (14-14.5mm). They are also natural in terms of colour - browns, grays, hazels and natural blues all make an appearance in Larme magazine volumes.

My Circle Lens Journey

I've been wearing circle lenses for about five years now, with a one year gap in between. My first ever pair were iFairy lenses in dark grey, with a jewel-esque design. When I began wearing lenses, I favoured unnatural designs, as I really enjoyed the effect they had. However, after buying my first pair of Geo Nudys, I realized I was wearing them more than all my other unnatural looking lenses, and that was when I started to purchase more natural designs.

Three years into wearing circle lenses, I got a major eye infection, and ended up with blepharitis. Scary! I was devastated. This happened because I used the wrong contact solution to store my lenses in. I used saline rinsing solution instead of multipurpose storage solution (please be careful!). Because of this, the lenses weren't cleaned properly when I wore them. When I bought it, the saline rinsing solution was right in the middle of the multipurpose section, and I didn't bother to read through the box as it was on sale. Very stupid and careless, and I paid for it! For about a year... haha.

The good thing about it all is that I learned to be very careful and disciplined about reading all labels and cleaning my lenses. The best thing about it all was that during that year, I was forced to go out without any circle lenses. Prior to that, I was addicted to wearing lenses and was very insecure without them. That's why I was so devastated when I became infected. I didn't feel beautiful at all and was very anxious about how I looked. But I slowly began to accept it, and even felt pretty at times! Now, I can go out without them! I am still a little bit insecure, but that's probably because I'm insecure about my appearance in general LOL. Anyways!

Before I started reading Larme magazine, I was already sticking to natural designs. This is because once I was cured, I decided to ease in very, very slowly. I started off with weekly Neo Dali disposables that were 14mm and dark brown. After a few months of that, I bought a 15mm design which I quickly realized were no longer for me. I now stick to 14.5mm at the largest!

Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro

I actually was not planning to purchase the Cocoro pair, but they had such a pretty pattern that I thought I would try them! I purchased from Kpop2.com and the lenses arrived in 2 weeks. This was the second pair of lenses that I had bought since easing back in. I was looking for slight enlargement, natural but pretty colours, a thin limbal ring, and above all else - comfort! Needless to say, as I am on my fourth pair, Vassen delivered.

The product photographs were actually quite accurate! The lenses are 14.5mm in diameter, with a high water content of 55%. I use Opti Free multipurpose solution for storage, and Opti Free eye drops for rewetting (you will need it for these, especially if you aren't used to wearing circle lenses), and I switch out the solution once a week, regardless if the lenses have been used or not. About high water content - I find it very comfortable, but everyone's body is different, so you may find that lower water content may be more comfortable for you!

Colour: ♡♡♡♡♡
Design: ♡♡♡♡♡
Enlargement: ♡♡♡
Comfort: ♡♡♡♡
Longevity: ♡♡
Total: 4.5/5

I actually love the colour a lot! It is hazel, so in some lights it looks brown and in others, it looks like a muted yellow-green. The design is also great, and I enjoy the dual tones that sort of melt into the very thin limbal ring. As aforementioned, I was looking for a very thin limbal ring, because I don't think I look that good with thick ones (I look like a scary alien... I cannot pull it off LOL).

The enlargement is noticeable, but I don't think it's enough for a "dolly" look. There is a halo when I wear it, but I'm of the weird breed who like halos. Comfort is very good, probably due to the high water content, and the lenses are very, very thin. I subtracted one heart for comfort only because they do get drying after about four hours without eyedrops.

The longevity is not very good at all - for me, these lenses start to feel worn out after about three months. Even though all circle lenses come with an expiry date of 1 year, I wouldn't wear any over 5 months, to be honest. These ones in particular start to feel drier the longer you have them, so for me, I buy a new pair after 3 months!

Overall, I can say that at the moment, there is a reason why these are the only lenses I have! I absolutely love these and think they go great with Larme kei makeup looks! They don't overpower thinner eyelashes, but can also hold their own with slightly fuller lashes. The colour also goes well with both red and white aegyo-sal, and as I mostly wear brown eyeshadow, it really pops!

Okay, it's past midnight here and I am starving so off to the fridge I go. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below about your favourite pair of circle lenses that you like to wear with Larme-style fashion - I'd love to hear all about it!

27 Apr 2016

Collegiate Romantic

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Taobao
Skirt: WEGO x mim
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Bag: Taobao (Angelic Pretty replica)
Barrette: Taobao
Necklace: Paris Kids
Socks: Daiso
Glasses: Glasses USA

Hey Everyone~

This was my first attempt at a Romantic Girly Larme-style outfit! (You can read our guide to the different sub-styles in Larme fashion here.) 

I was talking to Eri this morning about girly fashion styles that are relatively easy to wear. She mentioned that Basic French is a good style for her when she's in a rush. I hadn't really thought about this topic before, so I wanted to try some different styles out for myself.


I decided to wear a midi A-line skirt today and built a coordinate around that piece. At first, I wanted to give Basic French a shot, but I realized that I didn't have any retro-style blouses or pleated skirts. My tulle-overlay WEGO skirt's flowy appearance reminded me of the skirts in Romantic Girly, so I started looking for knit tops that would match the skirt. (It was chilly and slightly windy today!)

I noticed that many girly-style coordinates with relaxed silhouettes also tend to have light color palettes. I decided to keep the color scheme in this outfit light as well by pairing my lavender-toned gray skirt with a white turtleneck, white pumps, and beige socks. I wanted to emphasize the color white, since predominantly white coordinates are a popular trend this summer. (You can read my 2016 Larme/girly J-fashion summer trend report here.) I chose to accessorize with a cherry necklace and a cherry barrette to add a touch of color and playfulness!

If you've seen my other coordinates, you might know that I favor flashier bags. But those bags wouldn't suit the overall relaxed and demure atmosphere of Romantic Girly, so I decided to wear my messenger/book bag from my Otome Fashion days instead.

Larme-style glasses:

The bookish bag inspired me to wear my new glasses instead of contacts today!

I've been wanting glasses that are more suitable for girly fashion for a while. When I saw this pair on sale on Glasses USA for $30 (including lenses), I grabbed them! The quality is actually quite decent for the price. Taking photos with these glasses was a challenge though, since I didn't buy the anti-glare coating (an additional $30) and my glasses kept on reflecting light. (>人<;) I looked like Gendo Ikari/a shady anime antagonist...

Luckily, some of the photos came out decent, haha. I chose this frame design because I loved the round and tortoiseshell glasses frames in the Larme x ALOOK collaboration!

I also dyed my hair a darker brown a couple of days ago. I think my darker hair color—along with the dark brown glasses and bag—actually pulled together this outfit quite well! It was a lucky coincidence.

Thanks for reading my outfit post! As usual, comments and feedback would be much appreciated.

Until next time~! ♡

Summer 2016 Girly J-Fashion Early Trend Report

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Summer is almost here! 

In this post, I will be discussing this summer's early trends. ♡ My observations are based on the summer collections of popular girly-style brands, new arrivals, and spring trends that remain popular. We'll have a more complete sense of this season's trends once the upcoming July Larme issue (Volume 022) gets released!

I. Summer Collection Themes
II. Trends in Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
III. Trends in Textures, Patterns, and Colors
IV. Popular Motifs

I. Summer Collection Themes

Some brands have released summer collections that have distinctive themes. Not all items necessarily match up with their collection's theme, but it's still interesting to consider the different concepts. Let's see what some of them are!

(See our previous post about E hyphen BonBon's collaboration with Risa Nakamura!)

Summary of Themes:

Retro and sporty themes seem to be popular. And of course, picnics and pool parties are common summer concepts! In general, the collections' themes tend toward the casual side of girly fashion.

II. Trends in Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories


1) Retro, ringer, and fetish-inspired graphic tees

2) Frill-detail and shirred off-the-shoulder tops

3) Shoulder cut-out tops


1) Frill detail, lace-up detail, and balloon (elastic hem) shorts


2) Wide-legged pants and culottes

3) Sheer-overlay long skirts

Honey mi Honey


1) Collared, A-line dresses

2) Frill-detail rompers/all-in-ones

3) Satin shirt-style all-in-ones


1) Denim jackets

2) Sheer lace cardigans


Frill details, elastic details, gingham, high-waisted bottoms


Lace-up platform sandals


Straw hats

III. Trends in Textures, Patterns, and Colors

Denim fabrics

Denim jackets and skirts seem particularly popular. They lend a classic, casual look to any coordinate and are commonly sweetened with girly details like frills.

Ruched/shirred textures

Shirred textures are found in off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, and rompers. Compared to chiffon, lace, velvet, and leather—the standard textures in girly fashion—shirred fabrics are on the rougher and more casual side.

Flowy chiffon fabrics

Flowy chiffon fabrics are a classic texture in girly fashion. This summer, they have made yet another comeback in tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, and outerwear.


Gingham is another Larme-style regular. It is especially popular in tops, shorts, dresses, skirts, and blousons.

The Color White

Many recent coordinates in photoshoots and staff shots incorporate more than one white main piece. White items provide a clean, refreshing feeling. It's not surprising that several white items are worn together for crisp, girly spring and summer looks!

Red Accents

Red accessories in coordinates, red details on items, and red details in prints are also common this summer. They are often a part of the retro trend.

IV. Popular Motifs

1) Sheer overlay aprons/peplum details (on shorts and skirts)

2) Peter Pan collars (on tops and OPs)


3) Sailor collars (on tops and OPs)

4) Bowling/Pajama-style shirts and all-in-ones

Thanks for reading my Summer 2016 girly J-fashion trend report! I will summarize the 2016 summer trends toward the end of summer as well. The post-summer trend report will be a part of my autumn trend report.

Please let me know if you would like me to add anything to this post. I would also love to hear your feedback! You can comment below or email us at theauthors@petitedollies.com. 

Until next time! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ