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24 Jul 2016

LARME model style nails & manicures!

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Hi everyone! If you're anything like me, you like to go through bouts of LARME model stalking, and have stumbled across some amazing manicure shots! Since I was drowning in the sparkly, lacquer beauty of it all, I decided to write an article about the LARME model manicures, and how they incorporate the LARME style and feel in their nail art!


Lengths, Shapes & Colours

The majority of LARME model manicures tend to feature nails that are medium or short in length, and their shapes are round or squared. The round shape especially is very popular! Long nails have been sighted though, and they tend to be pointy, but this look is uncommon.

There is also a wide variety of colours, much like the LARME fashion itself, though I personally was not able to find any neon colours used, the closest being hot pink and milky neons. The colours still follow trends, but pastels, blacks and reds are prevalent.



From left to right: Semi-transparent, Sheer, and Glossy Opaque

The nailpolishes used have a variety of finishes, and they mostly include glossy opaque finishes, semi-transparent, or sheer. Glitter is used as an accent, along with metallic details and sequins. Matte has also been used, but is not as common.

From left to right: Glitter, Matte, Metallic & Sequin details



Patterns are sweet, playful and fun, using a lot of trendy LARME motifs! Patterns may be featured on all ten nails, or may alternate.


However, complex patterns are not necessary, and simple or even solid nails are not uncommon, along with creative uses of French tipped nails! The focus of the entire manicure, just like in LARME clothing, is on the balance of the whole sweet and girly look.



For textures, 3D designs such as pearls, quilting and jewels are common. However the designs are not over-the-top and are still balanced and elegant.



Though it may seem like minor details in the overall LARME fashion, LARME models express a sweet and girly feel through their manicures and nail art, and I believe that this actually enhances the overall look, along with adding more fun to the fashion itself! It's always a pleasure to look down and see that your nails look super cute, not to mention that they're also fun to try and home and fun to snap photos of!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these nail looks before, or would you like to? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I don't have the patience for complicated designs, but I really like the combination of normal pink polish on some nails and pink glitter on the others, that's simple enough even for me and still cute!

    1. I feel you!!! Honestly I don't have the patience... or skill... hahaha. I also really like the solid nails with maybe a heart here and there!

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