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2 Jul 2016

Frills and Garters

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Honey Cinnamon
Bag: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Target
Socks: Monki/ASOS
Barrette: Paris Kids

The Honey Cinnamon skirt, Ank Rouge top, and Ank Rouge bag are featured in my previous summer sales haul post!

A Brief Life Update

Hey everyone! I've been busy these days. (Well, relative to summer break standards, haha...) There are new projects at the company I'm interning at and I've signed up for a summer Chinese course to brush up on my second language skills. I have to write a research paper a week, which has been somewhat of a struggle since I've never read articles in Chinese before. But I'm learning a lot!

I'm finally learning how to drive and am practicing every day. I hope to get licensed by the end of the summer! Naginata nationals are next weekend, and my teammates and I are going to head to LA on Thursday.

Outfit Reflection

This was another Pheromone Fetish style coordinate. Pin-up Dolly and Pheromone Fetish remain my favorite Larme styles. I often find myself alternating between the two. I've never worn a garter style skirt coordinate until this one, but I've always adored the look. Garter style skirts are a Pheromone Fetish staple that can be coordinated to work with sweeter and retro looks as well. 

I wanted the Honey Cinnamon garter skirt to be the centerpiece of this outfit, so I chose other pieces and accessories that drew out its details and colors. Color wise, the black Ank Rouge top highlights the black garter-style detail on the skirt and the nude pink Paris Kids barrette complements the pink. The top also matches the skirt in that both pieces share similar details. The skirt has lace overlay detail on the "garter" portion as well as a frilled hem. The top also has lace detail around  the collar and frill details on the sleeve cuffs and the collar. The Ank Rouge bag fits right into the black/nude pink color scheme and frill details motif too, as it has light pink hearts and frilled edges.

These shop staff coordinates from Katie were a major inspiration for my outfit's color scheme and choice of sheer knee socks.

These might be my favorite Katie shop staff coords!

A popular $250 Katie garter skirt seemed like a faraway dream, so I snatched its secondhand, mildly worn ~$30 Honey Cinnamon cousin when it saw it on Fril, haha. (See my Larme shopping guide for Japanese brands for more about how to use Fril.) Pom pom mules would have really completed the look!

A GIF of the outfit details:

Thanks for reading my outfit post!

What is a "classic" Larme style item (e.g. a garter skirt, chiffon culottes) on your wishlist? Do you like lingerie/fetish-inspired pieces that are currently very popular in Japanese fashion? If you're a Katie fan, which is your favorite Katie coordinate? I'd love to hear your answers and comments.

Until next time!


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