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25 Jun 2016

Lolita in Denim

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Katie
Shorts: WEGO
Headband: Katie
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Sunglasses: SPINNS
Badge pin: Katie replica (Taobao)
Shoes: Target
Socks: Amazon

The Katie headband, the Katie top, and the WEGO shorts are featured in my recent purchases/summer sales haul post!

Outfit Reflection

This was a straightforward Pin-up Dolly/Retro Girly style coordinate. My inspirations were drawn from Katie's shop staff stylings and similar coordinates from Larme.

Larme 020. (If you can't tell already, this is probably my favorite Larme scan.)

I love it when red is paired with denim! And the shorts and knee socks combination is a super cute summer time staple.

As for accessories, wire bow/rabbit ear style headbands are a natural match for denim. Both wire bow headbands and denim can strike the perfect balance between girly and casual.

My first instinct was to accessorize with a denim wire bow headband, but I remembered how much I loved the red and pink color combination. The pink headband created the opportunity for me to wear my pink Angelic Pretty pochette, which I had largely neglected since I left Lolita fashion. 

The convenient thing about red statement pieces is that they don't need a lot of color balancing. I added a badge pin with some red detail, but I think the colors would have been fine without it too.

Other inspiration photos:

And a couple more selfies:

I also took a video selfie because I liked this outfit so much, haha. (>人<)

Thank you for reading my short and hopefully sweet outfit post! 

What do you think of denim in Larme-style coordinates? Do you prefer midi skirts or mini skirts/shorts? What are your current top-priority wishlist items? 

I'm curious about your fashion preferences and would love to read your comments!

Until next time. ♥

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