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22 Jun 2016

Larme Style Summer Sales Haul: Katie, Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, and More

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Hey everyone! 

I've recently acquired some new Japanese brand pieces from the early summer sales and a few secondhand pieces from Fril. As some of you may know (perhaps from my overly long Larme fashion shopping guide), shopping itself is a hobby for me. I always enjoy reading haul posts and thought some of you might feel similarly, so I've decided to share my purchases!

Since the web stores in this post (Ailand, Stylife, and Tokyo Kawaii Life) all accept foreign cards, I did not need to use a shopping service. Fril also accepts foreign cards. I used Tenso for package forwarding.

Ank Rouge Secret Sale Purchases

I was able to get a cardigan, a top, and a bag from the Ank Rouge 30% off secret sale. These items were on sale already, so they wound up being around 2000 yen each.

There are multiple pockets inside and a zippered pocket. I find zippered pockets very necessary for tote bags.

Stylife Purchases: Katie Secret Sale and Summer Sale

I have to thank Noora for alerting me about the Katie secret sale. I finally picked up the Katie headband that I've been obsessed with!

Katie Cafe Chic headband (no longer available on Stylife), Katie badge mirrorsWEGO ruffle hem shorts, E hyphen world gallery dot tulle lace midi skirt

I plan to make the Katie mirrors into badge pins. I absolute adore Katie's accessories and really wish they were cheaper, haha. 

The E hyphen world gallery skirt actually has two pieces—an underskirt layer and a sheer overlay layer. The sheer overlay skirt would also work well with shorts or a shorter skirt underneath.

Liz Lisa/Tralala Outlet Purchases

Liz Lisa lace hem pullover (no longer available on Tokyo Kawaii Life), Tralala angora short cardigan (no longer available on Tokyo Kawaii Life), Liz Lisa gingham flower iPhone case, Liz Lisa gingham flower mini wallet.

I've adored this Liz Lisa phone case since it first came out. I found $40+ USD to be too steep of a price for a phone case, so I decided to wait and see if it would go on sale. I'm really glad that I did!

The Tralala sweater really reminds me of this Fifi Chachnil cardigan. I plan to coordinate it similarly.

Secondhand/Fril Purchases + A Coordinate Idea

Honey Cinnamon garter skirt and Bubbles satin skirt.

I was lucky enough to run into two of my wishlist skirts on Fril for around 3000 yen each! (See my Larme fashion shopping guide for how to buy on Fril.) The Honey Cinnamon skirt is a bit worn, but the Bubbles skirt is NWT. I do need to iron the Bubbles skirt though...

Katie Fortune Girl bottleneck top paired with the Katie Cafe Chic headband and WEGO frill hem shorts.

I picked up this Katie Fortune Girl top on Fril! It was also a long-time wishlist item. I was devastated to see it sold out in red on Stylife by the time I discovered the Katie secret sale, but it popped up on Fril shortly afterward at a similar price. 

More Coordinate Ideas with New Purchases

Tralala cardigan, Bubbles satin skirt, Ank Rouge heart embroidery ruffle tote bag.

Have you bought anything from the summer sales in Japan? Or from sales elsewhere? Do you have any favorite recent purchases? I'd love to read about them in the comments.

Thank you for reading my haul post. Until next time! 


  1. The two skirts are amazing, I haven't checked Japanese websites a lot lately, it appears to now be much easier to buy from abroad, great!

    1. The skirts were such lucky finds... T_T
      You should definitely check on some Japanese web stores these days! There are many sales going on.
      Yeah, more stores accepting foreign cards now. It almost makes up for how hard it is to find Japanese Larme-style goods overseas, haha.