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14 Jun 2016

Black and Gold (and a second outfit)

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Hey everyone! I haven't had many opportunities to take outfit photos these days, unfortunately. Here's a simple coordinate inspired by the wide pants trend and Risa Nakamura's outfits. I've noticed that wide pants are becoming more popular in both Japanese styles and Western styles.

Furry top: one spo
Satin pants: Forever 21
Fishnet socks: Monki (from ASOS)
Sandals: Soda (from Tilly's)
Barrette: Forever 21

(I apologize for the wrinkles on my pants. I didn't even notice the wrinkles until someone pointed them out...)

Outfit reflection

My main inspirations for this outfit were the general wide pants trend in popular J-fashion and Risa Nakamura's coordinates with wide pants.

Larme 022.

Risa Nakamura wearing a Katie top, Honey mi Honey pants, and k3 sandals (Risa's WEAR account).

Risa wearing Honey mi Honey pants and k3 sandals (Risa's WEAR account).

Risa wearing a merry jenny salopette and Miu Miu sandals (Risa's WEAR account).

I am amazed by Risa's ability to make simple, comfortable coordinates look so girly and elegant. I've noticed from her WEAR account and her Instagram that she wears the wide pants + clean top + platform sandals coordination quite often. Risa generally favors the pink x black and the white x black color combinations. For coordinates with wide pants, she tends to go for pink or white pants, a black top, and black sandals. I personally think that she's really found the magic color formula, since a light top with black pants wouldn't look half as good (in my opinion)...

The other main focus of my outfit was to mix up interesting textures. Mixing textures has become a major style objective for me since I saw lilLilly's 2016 Fall and Winter CollectionAs soon as I found these gold satin pants on sale on Forever 21 (they're still on sale!), I knew that I had to get them. Love 21 runs pretty large and I had to get the XS tailored, but it was worth it. I paired the pants with a furry one spo crop top, a furry WEGO rabbit bag, and fishnet socks (as per the Pheromone Fetish tradition). To balance out the shininess and the gold color of the pants, I wore a gold heart barrette.

Patent black platform sandals would have been ideal for this coordinate, but the pair I wanted from WEGO is sold out in small and the similar mon Lily sandals are too high (5 inches) for my clumsy self. Hopefully I'll be able to find some soon.

A couple of selfies:

Another outfit

I didn't get to write an post for this outfit, but I would still like to share it.

Black velvet top: H&M
Cherry bustier: Taobao
Skirt: F i.n.t
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Socks: Forever 21
Headband: Unknown (some shop in Japan)

Thanks for reading my outfit post!

Here are some fashion questions for thought and discussion! I'd love to hear your comments or any other form of feedback.
  • What do you think of the wide pants trend in Japanese fashion? How about in Western fashion?
  • Do you prefer wearing gold or silver? Which do you find more "Larme-esque"?
  • What are you favorite textures/fabrics?
Until next time! ♡


  1. Haha I just got wide-legged pants in Uniqlo on sale (though they are maybe more like culottes) - I really like the soft, flowing silhouette they create. I really like your first outfit, it's interesting to see not only the different textures, but also having a light bottom and black top and accessories - it's quite refreshing.

    1. Yes! Culottes are amazing too. I want a pink chiffon pair so badly. >_< I've read quite a bit of praise of the wide-legged pants/culottes from Uniqlo!
      I'm glad you like the first outfit. The black top/light bottom combo should be credited to Risa's amazing style, haha.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! ♥