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11 May 2016

Rompers and Sun.

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Ruka's Coordinate!

I finally got a chance to wear my WEGO x LARME romper! ♥ I wasn't planning on dressing up or documenting any outfits this week since I'm still having exams and I need to pack. But the weather was finally perfect so I went for it. (In sum: Fashion and school > sleep.)

I have one exam left and then I have to pack and leave for California. I'll be staying at my parents' home for summer break.

Romper: WEGO x LARME
Shoes: Target
Hair clip: WEGO
Socks: A socks store in Sunshine City/Ikebukuro

Outfit reflection

Much of this outfit is from the same collection and the pieces are designed to match each other. Calling this a "coordinate" seems strange to me because there wasn't much coordination involved...

I fell in love with this WEGO x LARME romper at first sight when I saw it on WEGO's web shop. It was on sale for 960 yen! I also picked up some other items (including the WEGO x LARME bag) to match it.

The romper and the bag were the main pieces of this outfit. I chose shoes and accessories to compliment them. The socks are the same pink and also have a frill hem detail. (These are actually my favorite socks! They're girly and dainty without being overly childish. They also have the word "Fancy" embroidered in silver on the sides and a pearl adornment.) Since the style of this romper has a youthful feeling to it, I decided on wearing loafer heels and a small gingham hair clip.

Other details

I realized that I pose in exactly the same ways for all my outfit photos, so I tried to mix it up this time. I'm bad with poses and I adore Mizuki Ogura so I copied her crouched-over pose. >_< It went fairly well. I'll try being more dynamic (lol) in my outfit photo poses from now on.

By the way, these loafer heels are amazing. They're 3.5 inches but they don't feel like it because of the platform. They were an amazing Target find. The heels actually make my super short 24" inseam legs look kind of normal. I wish they matched more of my outfits, but their color (brown) and the school girl-esque style make them difficult to coordinate.

Here are some photos of the beautiful weather in New York City! It only started getting nice when I'm about to leave... I'm glad I get to stay in Northern California for the summer though, since New York gets too hot.

Amsterdam Avenue.

A shot of my university campus.

As usual, here are some fashion questions that I'm curious about. I'd love to hear your answers!
  • What is your favorite LARME collaboration(s)?
  • Rompers/jumpsuits or dresses?
  • What season do you enjoy dressing up for the most?

Thank you for reading my outfit post. Until next time!



  1. My favourite collab was the Anna Sui cream cheek blush, the three videos they released are gorgeous.
    I like dressing for autumn the most as you get to wear lots of layers, but its still not too cold to look pretty!

    1. I love the Anna Sui cream cheek too. *o* I really want the 302/Poppy shade. I wish I could justify buying it, haha.
      Autumn is also my favorite season to dress for! It often feels like it's just a week long here, though. T_T
      And thank you for sharing! ♥

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