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31 May 2016

Larme Fashion Meet Up in San Francisco and My Outfit

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I went to a Larme fashion meet up today! I believe it was the first one in San Francisco. 

Inspired by the Larme fashion meet up in London a week and a half ago, I asked Emily and Andrea (whom I knew were also located in the Bay Area) if they were interested in a similar meet up in SF. We posted in the Facebook group about the potential meet up and soon enough, plans were made. I'm grateful to everyone who came today! I had a wonderful time.

Ruka's Coordinate + Reflection

Top: Bubbles
Apron skirt: Honey Cinnamon
Shoes: Target
Socks: Forever 21
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Barrette: Paris Kids

I actually threw together this outfit at the last minute. >_<; I had planned two possible coordinates for this meet up. One of them was a Pheromone Fetish style coordinate and the other was a Pin-up Dolly style coordinate. I decided against them because I was afraid that it'd be chilly in San Francisco (as it often is in the summer). The Pheromone Fetish outfit I had in mind was also kind of hard to move in.

This Honey Cinnamon skirt is one of the most comfortable and functional pieces I own. The skirt sits higher on the waist so it is food baby friendly (lol), it has fairly large pockets, and it's made of a thick corduroy-like material that makes it great for windy or chilly days. I built the rest of my outfit around the Honey Cinnamon style, which I would describe as sweet, youthful, and dolly but with an occasional fetish or lingerie-inspired touch. 

I chose an outfit that is fairly easy to recognize as Larme style (or at least as how the Larme aesthetic is largely perceived in the West). Midi pencil skirts and the black x pink color palette are generally safe choices for this purpose. Coordination elements in the real Larme aesthetic are definitely not this narrow, but I thought that a "typical" Larme-style look (from the Western online community's POV) would be good for a first Larme fashion meet.

Here are some selfies that I forgot to include when I first published this post!

I also did my nails a couple of days earlier. Unfortunately, they didn't match my outfit, haha.

Base coat: Grow Stronger by Essie
Color coat: Lovie Dovie by Essie
Top coat: Gel Setter by Essie
I'm adding this photo about five days after I painted my nails and my nails still haven't really chipped! It was my first time using Gel Setter and the protective strength of the top coat is seriously amazing.

The Meet Up

The meet up was fairly casual and very fun! We spent the afternoon hanging around Japantown.

We met at Crown and Crumpet, a tea room on the first floor of New People. We had afternoon tea and some of us had lunch.

I decided to get crumpets and a cappuccino. (My family is obsessed with tea and I've been having it all day every day since I came home for the summer...)

We chatted over tea and coffee and had a lovely time. Everyone was so sweet, cultured, and open. I felt bad for being so socially awkward, haha. I found at many points that I lacked similar life experiences. It was really interesting to get to know everyone, though!

After Coffee and Crumpet, we headed next door to MARUQ to browse for a bit. MARUQ tend to be too pricey for me, but it is always fun to check out the cute store and the beautiful pieces. Andrea wound up taking outfit shots for us there too. (Thank you, Andrea!)

We then went upstairs to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Interestingly enough, most of us have been into Lolita fashion at some point. Some of the group still regularly wear Lolita fashion. I get so stunned and tempted by the beautiful Lolita pieces whenever I go to BTSSB or Angelic Pretty. I have to remind myself that I left the fashion because I didn't want to invest so much in a style that is relatively unwearable (on most casual occasions).

We went to take Purikura photos at Pika Pika next!

The Purikura machines' edits are often quite scary, lol.

I actually had to leave early, since my mother texted me that she was done with her shopping. (I was getting a ride from her.) We quickly took a group photo at Pika Pika and I left afterward. The photo is on the top of this post.

I had a great time at the meet up overall! I wish could have stayed longer. I really hope that we can have another one before I return to New York in late August. Again, thank you to everyone who came and made the meet up happen. 

And thank you for reading my post about this meet up and my coordinate. Until next time!


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