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11 Apr 2016

Ruka's Current Style and Recent Outfits

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Welcome to my first post! I'm Ruka, one of the two co-authors of this blog. In this post, I will share some recent outfits, my personal style information, and my fashion history!

Fashion is one of my many hobbies and interests, but it has always held a special place in my heart. My current favorite styles are the Pin-up Dolly and Pheromone Fetish styles found in Larme magazine (which I describe in more detail toward the end of this post). You can find more information about Larme fashion in this post.

But first, here are my favorite looks from the past month! 

Coordinate #1

Top: Katie the Store
Skirt: Vintage (Poshmark) 
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme 
Bag: WEGO x Larme
Barrette: Paris Kids 
Choker: Forever 21 
Gloves: Amazon 
Socks: Forever 21

Coordinate #2

Top: titty&Co
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Socks: WEGO
Pouch: WEGO
Sunglasses: Spinns
Choker: WEGO
Hairpin: Paris Kids
Watch: Timex

Coordinate #3

Top: Emily Temple Cute
Skirt: Spinns
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Bag: WEGO x Larme
Heart badge: Swimmer
Rosette: Katie Replica (Taobao)
Necklace: Taobao
Bracelet: Paris Kids
Socks: Daiso

Coordinate #4

Pink top: Bubbles
Camisole: Bubbles 
Skirt: Forever 21 
Shoes: Liz Lisa 
Bag: Angelic Pretty 
Barrette: Paris Kids

Coordinate #5

Top: Jane Marple
Skirt: Vintage (Poshmark)
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Bag: WEGO x Larme
Barrette: Taobao
Choker: WEGO

Socks: Forever 21

Coordinate #6

Top: Taobao 
Skirt: WEGO
Cardigan: Yesstyle
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Brooch and necklace: Paris Kids 
Barrette: Taobao

I began pursuing my own style when I started high school. I started off with wearing American hipster and preppy styles. A couple years later, I discovered Japanese fashion and fell in love with it.  I loved the uniqueness of the styles, the attention to detail and balance, and the rigor of the coordinations.

The first fashion that I seriously got into was Lolita fashion (an elaborate Harajuku-based style influenced by French Rococo fashion). My main concern with Lolita fashion was that the volume of the skirts, the intricate detail, and the expensive items made it hard to wear Lolita on a regular basis. I started wearing Otome fashion (which is similar to Lolita fashion) in an effort dress more casually, but I still found it too intricate for everyday wear.

I struggled with finding the perfect style. On one hand, I wanted to be able to wear what I love on everyday occasions. On the other hand, I adored the high level and cohesive coordinations found in Japanese fashion. I searched for my ideal style for the next few years, and I think have finally found it with Larme-style girly fashion. I became interested in Larme fashion in early 2015, started following it more seriously in November, and started (or attempted to start) wearing it in January 2016. When I say "Larme fashion" or "Larme-style," I am referring to the styles and the aesthetic featured in the Japanese fashion magazine Larme.

Larme fashion encompasses a broad variety of styles, which makes it flexible and never boring. It also tends toward the cohesive coordinations that I love. Larme-style coordinations are girly, whimsical, mature, and/or classy. Most often, the coordinations tend to mix these characteristics!

My favorite styles that are found in Larme fashion are Pin-Up Dolly 
(also known as "retro girly") and Pheromone Fetish. Pin-up Dolly draws on Western retro fashion and interprets it through a girlier, cuter lens. Pheromone Fetish is a more mature look that, in my opinion, emphasizes femininity more so than girliness. It commonly involves lingerie-inspired elements (like boudoir slippers and garter belts) as well as fetish-inspired elements (like harnesses and leather). My favorite brands are currently Katie the Store, Bubbles, EATME, mon Lily, Honey Cinnamon, lilLilly, and Ank Rouge!

Thank you for reading my first post! I am excited to share more of my outfits and fashion insights with you soon. ♡


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