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17 Apr 2016

Raspberry Syrup

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Eri's Coordinate!
Top/Dress: mon Lily
Skirt: Princess Polly
Garter Belt: Agent Provocateur
Shoes: Dior
Other Accessories (Sunglasses / Gloves / Socks / Jewellery): Off-Brand

Hi Everyone!

I've gotten re-obsessed with Once Upon A Time again... maybe in the future I'll do a Regina-inspired outfit huehuehue. Other than that, today was nice! It was a cloudy day, and it rained, so I wore a fluffy black jacket over this outfit whenever I went outside.


I was inspired a lot by... the garter belt LOL. I literally built the entire outfit around it. I've had it for awhile and didn't know what to do with it until now! I was also inspired by Ruka and many of the other girls in the Don't Cry Baby Larme group, who have been doing really cute red and white styles!

Another inspiration was mon Lily, who used white gloves in one of their latest collections. And lastly, a lot of Larme looks have been featuring knitwear, hence the skirt!


I think this is one of the more "mainstream" Larme outfits I've worn. I feel like I catapult between wanting to look like a thug to wanting to look like a princess. But that's the beauty of Larme, right? There are so many different looks that the style encompasses, seeing as it is an alternative fashion based on a magazine, which in turn is based on trends.

I was a little nervous about the dark red and hot pink clashing, but I felt better about it once I applied hot pink lipstick! I also tried to use touches of white throughout the outfit, as the mon Lily dress has the white lace collar. I wanted to tie the outfit together using the small details. I also repeated the black of the top with the Dior boots, which actually are half tweed, echoing the skirt's knit, and half leather!

For the lipstick, I mixed L.A Girl's Bazaar and Make Up Forever's Moulin Rouge! It looks mostly red in the photos, but in person it had strong tints of hot pink, depending on the lighting! I applied 2 coats of Bazaar first, then carefully dabbed Moulin Rouge over it, as Bazaar is a matte lipgloss.

The last thing I wanted to focus on were these earrings... I'm in love. I also wore them to church so I guess... appropriate is a plus? Haha. I wonder if it was corny to do that. Anyways. They were super affordable, and I love how sparkly but delicate they still are!


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