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11 Apr 2016

Eri's Current Style & Recent Outfits

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Hi everyone! Here I'll be sharing my current style, my inspirations, my style icons, and my journey into Larme sweet girly style! (Updated Feb 2018)

My Current Style:
I am a lover of LARME, lingerie, and 1930s-50s fashion!

My Inspirations:
Most of my inspiration comes from Larme magazine and my favourite brands, but I am also inspired heavily by 40s-50s movies and fashion, and all the glitz and glamour of pageants, LOL.

My Style Icons:
My style icons are (in alphabetical order): Ava Gardner, Gene Tierney, Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Monaca Nishi, Rimo (Bobon 21), Risa Nakamura, Rita Hayworth, Yoshiki Chisato.


Coordinate #1
Top/Dress: Mon Lily
Gloves: Off-Brand
Skirt: Noisy May (laces replaced with ribbons)


Winter Looks #2
Top left:
Jumpsuit/Dress - Princess Polly
Stockings & Boots: Asos

Top right:
Jumpsuit: Princess Polly

Bottom left:
Hat: Asos
Dress: Princess Polly
Shoes: Miss KG
Bottom right:
Top: Boohoo
Stockings & Shoes: Asos

Everything else off-brand!


Coordinate #3
Offbrand Accessories & Princess Polly Dress!


My Fashion Journey
2009: Vintage 50s-60s
2010: Preppy
2011: Grunge
2012: Otona Kawaii
2014: Vintage 50s-60s
2015: Minimalist/Corporate
2015: Larme-style
2018: Larme + Vintage 30s-50s


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