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27 Apr 2016

Collegiate Romantic

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Taobao
Skirt: WEGO x mim
Shoes: DreamV/Newlyme
Bag: Taobao (Angelic Pretty replica)
Barrette: Taobao
Necklace: Paris Kids
Socks: Daiso
Glasses: Glasses USA

Hey Everyone~

This was my first attempt at a Romantic Girly Larme-style outfit! (You can read our guide to the different sub-styles in Larme fashion here.) 

I was talking to Eri this morning about girly fashion styles that are relatively easy to wear. She mentioned that Basic French is a good style for her when she's in a rush. I hadn't really thought about this topic before, so I wanted to try some different styles out for myself.


I decided to wear a midi A-line skirt today and built a coordinate around that piece. At first, I wanted to give Basic French a shot, but I realized that I didn't have any retro-style blouses or pleated skirts. My tulle-overlay WEGO skirt's flowy appearance reminded me of the skirts in Romantic Girly, so I started looking for knit tops that would match the skirt. (It was chilly and slightly windy today!)

I noticed that many girly-style coordinates with relaxed silhouettes also tend to have light color palettes. I decided to keep the color scheme in this outfit light as well by pairing my lavender-toned gray skirt with a white turtleneck, white pumps, and beige socks. I wanted to emphasize the color white, since predominantly white coordinates are a popular trend this summer. (You can read my 2016 Larme/girly J-fashion summer trend report here.) I chose to accessorize with a cherry necklace and a cherry barrette to add a touch of color and playfulness!

If you've seen my other coordinates, you might know that I favor flashier bags. But those bags wouldn't suit the overall relaxed and demure atmosphere of Romantic Girly, so I decided to wear my messenger/book bag from my Otome Fashion days instead.

Larme-style glasses:

The bookish bag inspired me to wear my new glasses instead of contacts today!

I've been wanting glasses that are more suitable for girly fashion for a while. When I saw this pair on sale on Glasses USA for $30 (including lenses), I grabbed them! The quality is actually quite decent for the price. Taking photos with these glasses was a challenge though, since I didn't buy the anti-glare coating (an additional $30) and my glasses kept on reflecting light. (>人<;) I looked like Gendo Ikari/a shady anime antagonist...

Luckily, some of the photos came out decent, haha. I chose this frame design because I loved the round and tortoiseshell glasses frames in the Larme x ALOOK collaboration!

I also dyed my hair a darker brown a couple of days ago. I think my darker hair color—along with the dark brown glasses and bag—actually pulled together this outfit quite well! It was a lucky coincidence.

Thanks for reading my outfit post! As usual, comments and feedback would be much appreciated.

Until next time~! ♡


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