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19 Apr 2016

Casual Spring

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: mon Lily
Skirt: WEGO
Shoes: Echo Club House
Choker: WEGO
Hair clip: WEGO
Socks: a cute socks store in Sunshine City/Ikebukuro

Hello All!

I wanted to be super casual and comfy for today since I had classes from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM! (>人<;) My first instinct was to not dress nicely and grab my trusty jeans and YRU platform sneakers instead. But seeing that this plaid skirt was as comfortable as pencil skirts could get, I decided to roll with it.


I was inspired by the sweet and simple coordination styles from mon Lily and Ank Rouge. I wanted my look to be girly and sweet but understated at the same. I really love mon Lily's and Ank Rouge's simple color palettes! There is a lot that you can do with them all while maintaining an overall toned-down, demure look. 


I kept the colors simple by focusing on black and white pieces with light pink accents. This top has cute light pink organza ribbon lacing along the sides of the sleeves. I supplemented that dash of pink by adding a choker with a tiny light pink heart and light pink, organza hem socks. 

To balance the plaid pattern of the skirt, I wore a black and white gingham bow hair clip. The rabbit fur bag also helped keep the outfit whimsical and girly!

I struggled with finding the right shoes for this coordinate. I usually wear fairly high platforms or heels, but those wouldn't be the best option for a long day out. These Echo Club House shoes are actually cheap jelly sandals! It hadn't occurred to me that I could wear jelly sandals with a Larme-style outfit—they seemed much too unrefined. I found that the girly details of the outfit (the hair clip, the organza details, and the whimsical accessories) helped balance out the cheap, casual shoes.

Thank you for reading my rather short and straightforward outfit post! 

The next couple of weeks will be insanely hectic for me, so you likely will not see me posting much. Sorry for the trouble. I hope to be able to keep up with an outfit post each week though.

Thanks for reading this post and supporting Petite Dollies! Until next time~ ♡

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