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Intro to Larme Fashion

Larme was launched in September 2012 as a Japanese bimonthly fashion magazine.

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10 Apr 2016

Intro to Larme Fashion


Issue No. 21, May 2016.

Larme was launched in September 2012 as a Japanese bimonthly fashion art-book styled magazine with Haruna Nakagori as its Editor-in-Chief. The target demographic is young women aged 18-25.*

This joint post by Eri and Ruka will go over the key elements of Larme fashion and list the popular sub-styles that are found in the magazine.

Larme aims to create the world of a cute and sweet girl,* who is cultured, interesting and intelligent—someone who likes to read and go to museums!*

The magazine’s features and shoots are elaborate and artistic, with a carefully planned setting, thematic props, and a (commonly dark or melancholy) story. The content includes fashion, beauty, hair, culture and health.

The "Larme Look"

A wide variety of different styles are suitable for the Larme aesthetic. In an interview, Editor-in-Chief Ms. Haruna Nakagori stated that there are no strict rules for what falls under the magazine’s style. Rather, Larme takes existing trends and styles and interprets them through its unique, girly aesthetic.*

Although each style is unique, the following is common across many styles:


  • Simple and classy silhouettes are important in Larme. A-line, peplum and sleek silhouettes are common. Interesting fabrics are often part of Larme-style outfits and add sweet and girly details to an outfit! Such fabrics include chiffon, denim, fur, knits, lace, mesh, satin/silk, and velvet. There are many colours in Larme fashion, but most outfits consist of limited palettes that unify the outfit and add symmetry, or may emphasize a pop of colour in an otherwise monochrome palette.


  • Tops are often cropped or tucked in, and may be bustier, collared, sweetheart, peplum, or turtle-necked. T-shirts are also common, and are mostly crew-necked. Bottoms include mostly high-waisted shorts, skirts, and trousers. Skirts may be a-line, midi/pencil, and/or peplum. Trousers are often in a wide-legged, palazzo style or a skinny cut.
  • Lingerie-like elements contribute to the mature side of Larme fashion. Bralettes, camisoles and garter belts are common!
  • Foot and leg wear are never the main focus and seem to simply help with enhancing and unifying the look. Prints are not very common, and the items tend to be simple cotton, mesh, or lace.


  • Accessories are kept simple and delicate. Jewelry worn is of a minimal amount, used mostly to accentuate the outfit. However, the pieces themselves may be ornate. There are a lot of velvet chokers and pearls worn, as well as popular Larme-style motifs such as fruits, religious symbols, shells and flowers. A delicate, balanced feeling is important—the jewelry is never all worn at the same time, and an OTT (over-the-top) feeling is not common in the magazine.
  • Brooches/Badges are often worn in a more retro style, though rosettes are also common. Decorative text such as "Honey," "Baby," "Doll, "Kitten", etc. may also be included, as well as any popular Larme-style motifs and cute animals. Badges are usually worn around the chest area, or near the hip/waist.
  • Ribbons are common, but are often smaller and coupled with a natural hairstyle. Flower crowns have been sighted. Baseball, bowler, and  floppy or straw hats that usually follow the same colour scheme as the outfit are also used.


  • Though there are many colours used in Larme makeup, generally the looks are as follows:
  • Full, soft, natural brows
  • Simple eye makeup with natural looking circle lenses
  • Heavier blush applied horizontally on the cheeks, used to create a look that is both sickly and dreamy
  • Hair is kept in waves or straight, with a generally effortless or tousled feeling. Slightly curled bangs are also common.

Popular Styles

Here are summaries of some popular styles that are found in LARME. LARME sub-styles are usually updated with the latest trends and can be combined with each other!

1. Pheromone Fetish
(Larme 020 page 24) 
Risa Nakamura favors this style.

  • Textures/fabrics: Sheer fabrics, lace, leather, fuzzy knits, and fur
  • Motifs: Lingerie inspiration, lace-up detail, cut-outs
  • Colors: Black, white, light pink, light blue
  • Tops: Knits, Peter Pan-collared tops, sheer lace tops, and camisoles (for layering)
  • Bottoms: pencil skirts (leather, lace hem, peplum), midi skirts, and sheer-overlay maxi skirts
  • Shoes: Ankle boots, classic pumps, and simple platforms
  • Socks: Lace tights, sheer socks, fishnets, and solid socks
  • Accessories: Leather bags, bow headbands and hair clips, berets, and leather hats

2. Loose Grunge
(Larme 020 page 26) 
Monaca Nishi favors this style.

  • Textures/fabrics: Fur, satin, velvet, and denim
  • Motifs: Fringes, fur prints, and geometric patterns
  • Colors: Black, khaki, gray, white, dark red, lavender, and army green
  • Shoes: Leather ankle boots and sneakers
  • Bottoms: Pencil skirts (peplum and garter detail), loose jeans, A-line mini skirts, loose shift dresses
  • Tops: Loose tops and crop tops
  • Accessories: chokers, brimmed hats, head wraps, fur hats, and round sunglasses

3. Pin-Up Dolly (or Retro)
(Larme 020 page 30) 

  • Textures/fabrics: Knits, ruched detail, and denim
  • Motifs: Cherries, ruffle details and hems, pin-up girl prints, and polka dots
  • Colors: Red, pink, white, bright vintage blue, and black
  • Shoes: Heels (point toe and roun toe, mary jane)
  • Socks: solid or sheer crew socks and knee socks
  • Bottoms: Pencil skirts, high-waisted skinny jeans, A-line skirts, and shorts (with knee highs)
  • Tops: Tops with frill detail, knits, off-the-shoulder tops, retro graphic tees, oversized bombers and fur jackets, denim jackets
  • Accessories: Heart sunglasses, headbands, headwraps, bows, and leather bags

4. Basic French/French
(Larme 020 page 28)

  • Textures/fabrics: Chiffon, linen, knits, and silk
  • Motifs: Tie neck detail and classic silhouettes
  • Colors: Neutrals, dark blue, muted red and blue, and white
  • Tops: Tie-neck detail blouses, off-shoulder blouses, knit tops, and trench coats/other tailored coats
  • Bottoms: Gaucho pants, gaucho-cut jeans, and midi A-line skirts
  • Shoes: Classic pumps (mostly without socks), oxfords, and plain sneakers
  • Accessories: Classic leather bags, berets, brimmed hats, and eyeglasses

5. Dream Casual
(Larme 020 page 22)

  • Textures/fabrics: Linen, fuzzy knits, rib knits, popcorn knits, and flowy fabric
  • Motifs: loose-fitting silhouettes
  • Tops: Thin turtlenecks, sweaters, and textured long cardigans
  • Bottoms: Culottes, gaucho pants, all-in-ones, maxi skirts, and knit dresses
  • Shoes: Converse, other sneakers, flats, and oxfords
  • Colors: Muted browns/neutrals, reds, pinks, and blues
  • Accessories: Sports brand bags, simple square leather bags, brimmed hats, and hair scarves

6. Romantic Girly
(Larme 020 page 20)

  • Textures: Chiffon, cable knits, rib knits
  • Motifs: Understated bows, shiny metallic details, and small prints
  • Colors: Muted neutrals, muted blues and purples, and bright accents
  • Tops: Knits, simple tees with feminine details, and furry jackets
  • Bottoms: A line skirts (chiffon, knit) and gaucho pants
  • Shoes: Ankle boots, pumps, flats, and simple sneakers
  • Socks: Solid white, nude, or gray tights
  • Accessories: Small hair ribbons and bows, berets, and classic leather and fur bags

Other Styles

The following are styles are also commonly found in LARME. 

  • Street girly: Much like dream casual, but includes street fashion details such as jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts. The casual elements are often balanced with girly heels and soft color palettes.
  • Urban Goth: An edgy, street-inspired look with both goth and grunge elements. Common pieces include sheer overlay maxi skirts, leather jackets, leather boots, buckle details, statement chokers, and fishnets.
  • Tomboy: Usually involves pants or shorts, sneakers, and/or suspenders.
  • Lolita (dark or otherwise): Involves dolly, youthful motifs (such as toys), knee socks, off-the-shoulder tops, and reds and pinks.
  • Classical: An elegant look with lace, mature silhouettes, and classic pumps.
  • Vintage: A mature, toned-down retro look with a softer color palette.

We do not claim that the styles mentioned in this post are all the styles that Larme magazine includes. Our post is based on existing style guides and personal observations across different issues of Larme. If you would like us to add anything to this, please comment or send us an email!

Some other great Larme fashion guides!


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    1. Thank you! We thought it'd be good to provide details about the different sub-styles, since many online Larme guides don't really emphasize those.
      We're super glad that you you like the post! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ♥

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