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12 Nov 2016

A couple of recent outfits!

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Happy Fall/Winter 2016!

I hope everyone has been fairly well, despite some surprising developments that you may have noticed in the US. I've been enjoying my third year of college very much. And I am excited about the fall/winter 2016 trends in LARME. Here are a couple of my recent outfits!

Outfit #1

Camisole: WEGO
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Skirt: WEGO
Boots: Spylovebuy

I think I am in love with the leopard print trend. This is surprising to me because I used to vehemently oppose leopard print--even to the extent of teasing my friends who love it. (Scott, if you are reading this, I'm sorry!) But when styled appropriately, leopard print has a classic, elegant, and mature vibe. The Tokyo-based model Tiffany Cadillac has a good post on her blog about the history of leopard print. It's worth checking out!

I am enjoying the trend of sock-style and/or platform ankle boots. I also love the Fall/Winter 2016 emphasis on maxi-style bottoms. ♥ The layered camisole trend is becoming quite mainstream--I've noticed it in Western fast fashion catalogues as well.

And of course, F/W LARME fashion is all about mixing textures. :)  

Outfit #2

Top: Katie the Store
Skirt: Bubbles
Shoes: Spylovebuy
Bag: Honey mi Honey
Hair pin: WEGO

This outfit was in part inspired by one of Yui Kanno's outfits on MERY. The army green/olive green fall color trend is still going strong in both Japanese and Western fashions. I personally love it. Even I get tired of the typical black x pink x white palette at times, haha. 

I caved in and bought the Honey mi Honey tote that came with the November issue of ViVi after seeing so many LARME fans get it. I bought mine separately from the magazine secondhand for about $4 on Fril. I quickly discovered that it's the perfect size for carrying folders of homework. ^^

Thank you for reading my outfit post! Until next time~ ^^

10 Nov 2016

Eri's Top 9 Favourite LARME 024 Outfits!

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(Warning: Picture-heavy!)

Hi everyone! This is long overdue, but I'm going to be talking about my absolute favourite outfits featured in LARME 024! In my last entry I wrote that I pretty much want every outfit in the issue - but these are my Top 9! I was going to originally make a Top 10 but I realized that one of the shots, I was more in love with the hair/hat, so I'm going to be doing a second entry soon about my favourite hairstyles/accessories in the magazine!


This first outfit, modelled by the gorgeous Chipopo, is the first outfit that really drew me into the issue. I absolutely love everything about it - the monochrome pallet, the mix of structured/modern x boudoir, and the way that her hair is still wispy, despite it being straight. I think it's great use of gingham and ruffles, and it actually inspired me to buy my own ruffles to sew on a similar gingham skirt that I own :)


I sort of skimmed over looking at this shoot in detail at first because it seemed pretty typical - but when I actually slowed down and took a look at the outfits, I fell in love. Yes, it uses many of the same elements as a typical LARME look but the silhouettes are subtle, graceful, and again, structured and cute, all at the same time. There's a sense of balance and harmony with each of these outfits, and there's not one thing overpowering another. I really enjoy the satin skirt featured in the first outfit and I think the straight hem really compliments the boatneck, almost off-shoulder line of the sweater. I also very much appreciate that hat, and the amount of leg, haha. The second outfit is just adorable. I'm not sure I could truly pull that hat off in public, but the whole thing is just very cute, very girly, but still classy. The last outfit is definitely another cute look, but the leopard crop top gives it a little mature edge.


The Urban Goth editorial is something that remains fascinating to me. While I actually don't really LIKE the majority of its individual outfits, the concept really resonates with me and encourages me to be creative within the look's boundaries. This one is my favourite outfit from the whole shoot. I love the leather slip, I would give an arm for it (maybe a third arm if I had one), and I think the fishnets go perfectly with her messy hair. I am not too keen on the boots as I feel they are a little tacky, but black boots were definitely the way to go.


The above two are outfits that I thought were just so wearable. I could definitely see myself wearing these to so many places/events/occasions as they seem to me the LARME equivalent of versatility. The first outfit is just incredible. That dress, I've never seen anything like it, and the material looks really thick and good quality. It also looks like a loose fit so seems like a good choice for a dinner date LOL. I also appreciate the soft and dusky palette. The second outfit is just so easy. A graphic tee, a leather skirt, black boots and a choker and bam, you're good to go. But it's still very unique and stands out, as the skirt is just gorgeous with the ruffles and the choker is a thick bow.


Another super-wearable outfit! Not a fan of the grandmother purse mostly because I don't think I could pull it off, but I'm sure others could. Perfect boots and ultra-comfortable sweater dress - and that style is really common now in Western stores so it'd be fun and easy to replicate! Also can I just say that the lip colour with that shade of beige clothing looks dreamy af?


Last but not least, the Burberry-esque dress! At first I wasn't sure, but I couldn't stop looking at it, and now I really want one, lmao. I think I was mostly unsure because the fit looks a little awkward but the print alongside the red heels and white fishnet socks looks amazing. My favourite thing about this outfit though is definitely the footwear. Those socks are perfect. I've spent forever looking for ones with wide fishnets and a wide top, but can't find any T_T. And they look perfect with the bold and mature red of the simple, pointed heels!


The end! I hope you enjoyed my favourite outfits! Stay tuned for more LARME 024 goodness!

12 Aug 2016

Recent Outfits Update!

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Hey everyone! 

It's been a while since I last made a post. I was on vacation in Paris, Rome, and Venice with my family and had a great time! I talked with Eri about potentially making a travel post, since Petite Dollies is a LARME-oriented blog and LARME (as both a magazine and an aesthetic) often emphasizes culture. I'll be slowly working on the travel post. I was able to visit many museums and cultural sites and try different foods. ^^

Here are a couple of recent outfits!

Outfit 1

Top: one spo
Skirt: E hyphen world gallery
Shoes: mon Lily
Bag: Ank Rouge
Barrette: Paris Kids
Socks: Offbrand

And a casual cheap (Forever 21) sunglasses selfie:

I wore this outfit to get dim sum and bubble tea with some wonderful California friends!

I've been wearing a lot of black x pink lately. I adore this color combination as it strikes the LARME-typical balance between girly, sweet, and sophisticated. Black x pink also seems to be one of Risa Nakamura's favorite palettes.

Many LARME-style Japanese brands are releasing their Autumn Winter 2016 collections, which seem to favor the pink x black color combination as well.

The black and pink color combination is also becoming very popular in street fashion.

I have also been loving the trend of loose, flowy bottoms in Japanese fashion. 

I hope to pick up some more wide pants, maxi skirts, and midi skirts before the summer sales end! >_<

Outfit 2

Top: titty&co
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Jonak
Hairband: Katie
Badge: Katie (originally a mirror)

This is a casual, retro girly outfit. I'm not certain if it completely suits the LARME aesthetic, but I did focus on similar girly stylings with the high-waisted jeans, the cropped top, the enamel/patent texture, the frill detail, and the plaid and gingham patterns. I wish I owned higher-waisted jeans—I can never find ones that are as high waisted as the jeans often featured in the magazine!

(I am very much obsessed with my Katie "Cafe Chic" hairband. It's the prettiest shade of pink and seems to compliment all of my pink pieces perfectly. T_T)

Thank you for reading my rather short recent outfits post!

As usual, here are a couple of questions that I'd love to read your answers to:

Do you enjoy the pink x black/"Risa style" direction that many Japanese brands seem to be headed in? What are some Autumn Winter 2016 trends that you are excited about? 

I would also appreciate other forms of feedback. 

Until next time!

24 Jul 2016

LARME model style nails & manicures!

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Hi everyone! If you're anything like me, you like to go through bouts of LARME model stalking, and have stumbled across some amazing manicure shots! Since I was drowning in the sparkly, lacquer beauty of it all, I decided to write an article about the LARME model manicures, and how they incorporate the LARME style and feel in their nail art!


Lengths, Shapes & Colours

The majority of LARME model manicures tend to feature nails that are medium or short in length, and their shapes are round or squared. The round shape especially is very popular! Long nails have been sighted though, and they tend to be pointy, but this look is uncommon.

There is also a wide variety of colours, much like the LARME fashion itself, though I personally was not able to find any neon colours used, the closest being hot pink and milky neons. The colours still follow trends, but pastels, blacks and reds are prevalent.



From left to right: Semi-transparent, Sheer, and Glossy Opaque

The nailpolishes used have a variety of finishes, and they mostly include glossy opaque finishes, semi-transparent, or sheer. Glitter is used as an accent, along with metallic details and sequins. Matte has also been used, but is not as common.

From left to right: Glitter, Matte, Metallic & Sequin details



Patterns are sweet, playful and fun, using a lot of trendy LARME motifs! Patterns may be featured on all ten nails, or may alternate.


However, complex patterns are not necessary, and simple or even solid nails are not uncommon, along with creative uses of French tipped nails! The focus of the entire manicure, just like in LARME clothing, is on the balance of the whole sweet and girly look.



For textures, 3D designs such as pearls, quilting and jewels are common. However the designs are not over-the-top and are still balanced and elegant.



Though it may seem like minor details in the overall LARME fashion, LARME models express a sweet and girly feel through their manicures and nail art, and I believe that this actually enhances the overall look, along with adding more fun to the fashion itself! It's always a pleasure to look down and see that your nails look super cute, not to mention that they're also fun to try and home and fun to snap photos of!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these nail looks before, or would you like to? Let us know in the comments!

2 Jul 2016

Frills and Garters

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Honey Cinnamon
Bag: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Target
Socks: Monki/ASOS
Barrette: Paris Kids

The Honey Cinnamon skirt, Ank Rouge top, and Ank Rouge bag are featured in my previous summer sales haul post!

A Brief Life Update

Hey everyone! I've been busy these days. (Well, relative to summer break standards, haha...) There are new projects at the company I'm interning at and I've signed up for a summer Chinese course to brush up on my second language skills. I have to write a research paper a week, which has been somewhat of a struggle since I've never read articles in Chinese before. But I'm learning a lot!

I'm finally learning how to drive and am practicing every day. I hope to get licensed by the end of the summer! Naginata nationals are next weekend, and my teammates and I are going to head to LA on Thursday.

Outfit Reflection

This was another Pheromone Fetish style coordinate. Pin-up Dolly and Pheromone Fetish remain my favorite Larme styles. I often find myself alternating between the two. I've never worn a garter style skirt coordinate until this one, but I've always adored the look. Garter style skirts are a Pheromone Fetish staple that can be coordinated to work with sweeter and retro looks as well. 

I wanted the Honey Cinnamon garter skirt to be the centerpiece of this outfit, so I chose other pieces and accessories that drew out its details and colors. Color wise, the black Ank Rouge top highlights the black garter-style detail on the skirt and the nude pink Paris Kids barrette complements the pink. The top also matches the skirt in that both pieces share similar details. The skirt has lace overlay detail on the "garter" portion as well as a frilled hem. The top also has lace detail around  the collar and frill details on the sleeve cuffs and the collar. The Ank Rouge bag fits right into the black/nude pink color scheme and frill details motif too, as it has light pink hearts and frilled edges.

These shop staff coordinates from Katie were a major inspiration for my outfit's color scheme and choice of sheer knee socks.

These might be my favorite Katie shop staff coords!

A popular $250 Katie garter skirt seemed like a faraway dream, so I snatched its secondhand, mildly worn ~$30 Honey Cinnamon cousin when it saw it on Fril, haha. (See my Larme shopping guide for Japanese brands for more about how to use Fril.) Pom pom mules would have really completed the look!

A GIF of the outfit details:

Thanks for reading my outfit post!

What is a "classic" Larme style item (e.g. a garter skirt, chiffon culottes) on your wishlist? Do you like lingerie/fetish-inspired pieces that are currently very popular in Japanese fashion? If you're a Katie fan, which is your favorite Katie coordinate? I'd love to hear your answers and comments.

Until next time!

25 Jun 2016

Lolita in Denim

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Ruka's Coordinate!

Top: Katie
Shorts: WEGO
Headband: Katie
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Sunglasses: SPINNS
Badge pin: Katie replica (Taobao)
Shoes: Target
Socks: Amazon

The Katie headband, the Katie top, and the WEGO shorts are featured in my recent purchases/summer sales haul post!

Outfit Reflection

This was a straightforward Pin-up Dolly/Retro Girly style coordinate. My inspirations were drawn from Katie's shop staff stylings and similar coordinates from Larme.

Larme 020. (If you can't tell already, this is probably my favorite Larme scan.)

I love it when red is paired with denim! And the shorts and knee socks combination is a super cute summer time staple.

As for accessories, wire bow/rabbit ear style headbands are a natural match for denim. Both wire bow headbands and denim can strike the perfect balance between girly and casual.

My first instinct was to accessorize with a denim wire bow headband, but I remembered how much I loved the red and pink color combination. The pink headband created the opportunity for me to wear my pink Angelic Pretty pochette, which I had largely neglected since I left Lolita fashion. 

The convenient thing about red statement pieces is that they don't need a lot of color balancing. I added a badge pin with some red detail, but I think the colors would have been fine without it too.

Other inspiration photos:

And a couple more selfies:

I also took a video selfie because I liked this outfit so much, haha. (>人<)

Thank you for reading my short and hopefully sweet outfit post! 

What do you think of denim in Larme-style coordinates? Do you prefer midi skirts or mini skirts/shorts? What are your current top-priority wishlist items? 

I'm curious about your fashion preferences and would love to read your comments!

Until next time. ♥