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2 Jul 2017

Style Steal: Larme Model Yui Kanno

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Recently, the Petite Dollies have been completely infatuated with Larme model Yui Kanno's sweet yet edgy look and in particularly, her brand Crayme's latest Spring & Summer collection. Today, We're going to take a look at a few of Yui's personal outfits and show you how you can re-create them using cheaper and more accessible alternatives!
Yui's fashion style usually reflect current fashion trends, but still remain true to her love of both vintage girly items and 80s & 90s rock culture. She is known to create both mature and feminine looks, and also more sexy and 'grunge' looks depending on her mood and the occasion. Some of my favourite coordinates from her include a mix of these elements, such as wearing a delicate, feminine lace dress and accessorizing with studded pleather bracelets or sporting patent leather shoes for a 'cute with attitude' look.
The latest Spring and Summer collection from her brand 'Crayme,' carries a selection of both girly and street items featuring popular trends such as small floral prints, denim, fishnets, sheer fabrics, wide legged pants and rose embroidery. Yui's own outfits often feature several items from Crayme, and it's clear she enjoys designing clothing and accessories to share with us through her brand, that she herself would also wear in everyday life.
I've selected three of my favourite outfits from Yui Kanno's WEAR page and searched stores and websites such as Forever 21, H&M and Asos, in order to find items that are more widely available to you all! 
Outfit One - Denim x Floral
Top: Crayme,       9,720 yen (approx. $88 USD)
Skirt: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Bag: Crayme,       9,720 yen (approx. $88 USD)
Fishnet Socks: Unspecified       Price unknown
Shoes: Ebele Motion (SS 2015 collection)       Price unknown
Earrings: Crayme,       1,944 yen (approx. $17 USD)
Sunglasses: Miu Miu        $390 USD
Choker Necklace: Crayme,       2700yen (approx. $24 USD)
Hair Ribbon: Unspecified       Price unknown

 Cheaper Alternative

[click the brand name to open the shopping page]
Top: H&M       $14.99 USD
Skirt: Forever 21       $ 19.90 USD
Bag: Wego       2,149 yen (approx. $19 USD)
Fishnet Socks: Asos       $6.50 USD
Shoes: Asos       $46.00 USD OR Wego       4,309 yen (approx. $38 USD)
Earrings: Forever 21       $6.90 USD
Sunglasses: H&M       $7.99 USD
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $5.90 USD
Hair Ribbon: Purchase from any craft store for around $1
It was actually quite difficult to find a floral print shirred top similar to this, but by choosing this plain black top from H&M, you can easily customise it with some fabric paint and DIY your own floral pattern!
Outfit Two - Feminine Grunge
Jacket: Crayme,       19,980 yen (approx. $179 USD)
Onepiece: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Tights: Crayme,       1,404 yen (approx. $13 USD)
Boots: Crayme,       10,800 yen (approx. $97 USD)
Choker Necklace: Crayme,       2,916 yen (approx. $26 USD)
 Cheaper Alternative

 Jacket: H&M       $ 29.99 USD
Onepiece: Asos       $15.00 USD
Tights: Forever 21       $ 5.90 USD
Boots: Asos       $38.00 USD
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $5.90 USD
 If you want to keep the look as authentic as possible to Yui's outfit, you can sew the black tulle to the leather jacket for an added feminine touch.

Outfit Three - Cream x Black

Hair Ribbon: Unspecified       Price unknown
Choker Necklace: Unspecified       Price unknown
Top: Honey mi Honey       16,200 yen (approx. $145 USD)
Skirt: Crayme,       12,960 yen (approx. $117 USD)
Shoes: Miu Miu       $713 USD
Bracelet: Unspecified       Price unknown

 Cheaper Alternative

Hair Ribbon: Purchase from any craft store for around $1
Choker Necklace: Forever 21       $2.73 USD
Top: Forever 21       $35.00 USD
Skirt: Yumetenbou       2,490 yen (approx. $22 USD)
Shoes: Shoes pictured above are sold out. Alternative: H&M       $39.99 USD
Bracelet: Wego       1,069 yen  (approx. $9.50 USD)

 *I've listed prices in USD for consistency.
So there you go! I hope this gives you some insight on how to emulate Yui's style! Have fun! Of course, there may be other cheaper options near you, but that's the beauty of re-creating coordinates in this way! I also recommend checking out your local secondhand stores for some hidden bargains ;D
Happy Shopping everyone!

18 Jun 2017

Cute Tokyo Cafes for Larme Fans!

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Hi everyone! 
 Today, I'd like to talk about one of my favourite things to do when I lived in Japan! While studying in Tokyo, I'd often have long breaks in between classes and instead of staying around on campus, I enjoyed wandering around the city discovering cute and unique cafes.
In this blog post I thought I'd introduce a few of my favourite cafes with yummy food and an aesthetic that keeps your Instagram's Larme theme on point! Y'know, the important stuff. ;D
Some you may be familiar with, some you might not, either way I highly suggest checking them out on your next visit to Tokyo!

HoneymiHoney Cafe | Harajuku ♡ 

First up is of course, the famous Honey Mi Honey Cafe!  Not only is this cafe decorated as an entirely pink motel, they also offer a selection of juices and shakes, along with several delicious desserts and savouries. There's even a few vegan options including an adorable pink strawberry muffin! 

Due to its popularity, they've since introduced a reservation system, so if you want to dine in, you'll need to reserve your seat by accessing the link here !

UPDATE: Unfortunately Honey Mi Honey has banned photography within the main shop area, in order to provide its customers with a more pleasant shopping experience. Do not fret though! It's still okay to take photos within the cafe area and bus stop area out the front of the shop.

Price: ~Under 1000yen
Address: 6-2-6 Harajuku Akane Building 2F Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 
 | 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-2-6原宿あかねビル2F |
Opening Hours: Everyday 12pm ~ 8pm

♡ Caroline Diner | Harajuku  

The next cafe is a bit of a walk from the nearest train station (Meijijingu mae), but this hidden gem doesn't disappoint. Caroline Diner's menu consists of fancy milkshakes and sodas as well as Japan's take on 'American diner' food (Think hot dogs, taco rice and burgers). The interior resembles a retro American diner, with the waitresses even serving customers in roller-skates! Once you've finished your lunch, make some fun memories with your friends in the retro photo booth, or browse the collection of Caroline Diner goods!  

Be sure to save the address to Google Maps beforehand, so you don't get lost on the way!

Price: 1000 ~ 2000 yen
Address: 2-14-11 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
 | 東京都渋谷区神宮前2-14-11 |
Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30am ~ 8:30pm
Saturday& Sunday 12:00pm ~ 8:30pm
Closed on Thursdays

♡ Sweet Twist | Shimokitazawa ♡ 

This little gelato parlour is too cute not to mention! Sweet Twist is famous for the milk they use which is sent from Owashi Farm, a famous cattle farm in Wakayama Prefecture. This milk is known for having a rich flavour, making the gelato creamy and delicious. They offer 10 different flavours to choose from, as well as a variety of fruit toppings. Crepes and coffee are also available if gelato doesn't tickle your fancy. Their adorable pop interior is incredibly pink and fun, making it the perfect location for Ank Rouge's photoshoot for their Spring/Summer collection!

Price: ~ less than 1000 yen
Address: 3-26-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo 
 | 東京都世田谷区北沢 3-26-3 |
Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm ~ 7pm
Closed on Wednesdays
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shimokitagelato

♡ and people | Shibuya ♡ 

It may not be as over-the-top and pink, but this cute and cosy little cafe in Shibuya reminds me of making forts out of chairs and bed sheets as a little kid! Their menu has a wide range to choose from with plenty of delectable sweets and savouries to suit all taste buds! They also offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but personally, I suggest trying their seasonal limited edition drinks! They currently have a mint hot chocolate or a houjicha (roasted green tea) latte for you to try!

Price: 1000 ~ 3000 yen
Address: 10-2 New Tokyo Building, Udagawa-chou, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
 | 渋谷区宇田川町 10-2 新東京ビ |
Opening Hours: Everyday 12pm ~ 11:30pm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andpeople.insta/

Special Mention;

 ♡ Cherish Cafe | Kyoto ♡ 


I tried to keep these cafes located within the Tokyo area but this one was just too cute not to mention! The interior, filled with birdcages and rocking horses, looks like it has jumped straight out of a Larme photoshoot! Cherish Cafe is most famous for its waffles, but they also have an assortment of pasta and rice dishes as well as tea, coffee and other beverages.

Price: 1000 ~ 2000 yen
Address: 4-6  Toujiji-chou, Yanagibanba 2-Jyo Sagaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
 | 604-0956京都市中京区柳馬場二条下る等持寺町4-6 |
Opening Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11:30am ~ 8:00pm
Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday

And those are just a few cafes! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other cute, undiscovered cafes to share!

NOTE: Before you get snap-happy, always check with a staff member before taking photos by simply asking 写真を撮ってもいいですか (Shashin wo tottemo ii desu ka) ?

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next time!


1 Apr 2017

Exclusive Interview with popular Japanese model, Maihee!

♡ Exclusive Interview with Maihee 

Maihee is a popular up-and-coming freelance model who has previously appeared in LARME magazine several times. Her girly-but-dark style has built her an Instagram following of over 50,000 people, and despite her career only just beginning to blossom, she's already modelled for famous LARME brands such as E hyphen world gallery BonBon and Ank Rouge! 

Petite Dollies caught up with Maihee and asked her everything from how she started modelling, to fashion tips, to what she thinks about her overseas fans! We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Maihee! 

(Header image from Ank Rouge 2017 Spring Collection Catalogue.)

♡ Hello Maihee, thank you for your time today! So let's get started! How did you start modelling?
I started modelling when my grandparents mentioned how happy they'd be if my picture was in a magazine. After that, I sent in an application to a local magazine and continued on from there.

♡ まいへーさん、こんにちは!今日はお忙しいところ、お時間を割いていただきありがとうございます。早速ですが、モデルをはじめたきっかけは何ですか?

♡ Since you began modelling, is there anything in particular that you find challenging? What aspects of it do you find enjoyable?
I don't have a very pretty natural face so if I look upwards for a pose I can look slightly unattractive... Therefore, I find practicing and finding poses that make me look good can be quite difficult. I also am not good at posing when the photographer asks me to pose 'naturally.'
I just love cute clothes so I'm always looking forward to trying on lots of different new season clothing! It makes me so happy!♡

♡ モデルをやっていて、ここが難しいなぁと思うところありますか?それから、ここが楽しい!と思うところは何ですか?


♡ It must be so fun trying on all those lovely clothes! What exactly do you find interesting about LARME fashion?
I love the elements such as black, white, pink, lace and frills. I also like that LARME fashion is typically not associated with dressing up for the male gaze, I'm just wearing what I like to wear! 

♡ かわいいお洋服を着ることが楽しいですね! それで、ラルムファッションのどういうところが好きですか?

♡ We can definitely see a lot of those elements in your outfits on Instagram. When creating an outfit, is there something you absolutely cannot go without?
To make my style look better, I often choose to wear high waisted bottoms. For tops, I choose shorter cuts and balance the look with thick platform shoes. Balancing colours is also very important, so I don't use more than two colours in a coordinate. My favourite combinations are pink x black, white x black, beige x black, and beige x brown. For accessories, I match them all together by using gold.
♡ あぁ、インスタグラムの写真を見ると確かにレースやフリルなどがたくさん見えますね。コーデを組んでいるときにこれは絶対に欠かせない!!というものはありますか?
スタイルがよく見えるように、ハイウエストのボトムを選んでいます。トップスはショート丈のものを選び、靴は厚底などバランスよく見えるように心がけています。 あと、色合いはとても大事で二色以上は使わないようにしています。pink×black、white×black、white×pink、beige×black、beige×brown、、などなど、、アクセサリーはgoldで統一しています!


♡ Ah! This is how you create a cute coordinate each time! So where do you find inspiration for these outfits?
I get inspiration from bloggers overseas and Japanese vintage shops! I look at both of these and research different types of fashion through them. 

♡ なるほど!これで毎回かわいいコーデを組んでいますね!その他にどういうところからインスピレーションを受けていますか?

♡ Are there any trends you're looking forward to wearing in the upcoming season?
I'm very excited about the Swankiss swimwear for this summer!

♡ 今季のトレンドの中でお気に入りのものは何ですか?

♡ It's so cute, isn't it? Okay, so now we know a little about your fashion style, let's talk a bit about your makeup. What are your favourite make up items currently?
For my lips, I love Clinique's Chubby Stick™ Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry! 🍓 
My favourite eyeshadow is Rimmel's Chocolat Sweet Eyes in 015. 
For my makeup base I use DHC's Q10 Moisture Care Color Base EX in green. 
And lastly, for my face powder I love to use Laura Mercier's Translucent Pressed Setting Powder! 

♡ かわいいですよね!!では、まいへーさんのスタイルについてちょっとだけ聞かせていただいたので、次はメイクについて聞きたいと思います!最近、愛用している化粧品は何ですか?
メイクベースは→DHCQ10モイスチュアケアカラーベースEXグリーン フェイスパウダー→トランスルーセントローラメルシエプレストセッティングパウダーがお気に入りです。

♡ That's so useful, thank you for that! Now, you may or may not know, but you have quite a number of followers overseas. How does it feel to inspire Japanese-fashion lovers around the world?
I am very surprised to hear I have fans from overseas! I'm also very happy and would love for many people around the world to know about girly fashion. ^^

♡ とても勉強になります!お話は少し変わりますが、海外ではまいへーさんのファンがたくさんいます。世界の日本のファッション好きの人々に影響を与えていることにどう思っていますか?

♡ We'd love you to keep sharing it with us! If you had the opportunity to do so, where would you like to travel to and why? 
I would love to go to Europe. I want to take lots of cute pictures!

♡ これからもgirly fashionをどんどんシェアしてください!海外に行くとしたらどこの国に行きたいですか?なぜですか?


♡ And finally, do you have a message for all your fans from overseas?
Thank you for supporting me from overseas! I will keep posting many girly coordinates on Instagram so I would love for you to check it out!! ♡

♡ 最後に海外のファンへのメッセージはありますか?

Note: This interview was originally conducted over email in Japanese and as such, questions have been slightly edited for flow. 

Visit Maihee's social media down below!

And check out her lovely phone case designs! 
You can buy them on Maihee's curike store page.


We hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview with Maihee and if you have any requests for models you'd like us to interview, or any questions you'd like us to ask in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us!

♥ Blog Post Credits 
Alice: Contacted Maihee, conducted the interview, and provided Japanese ⇔ English translation and interpretation.
Eri: Created makeup and Instagram graphics.
Ruka: Provided photos and links.

, Petite Dollies